Operation process specification of milling machine door and window processing equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-27
What is the operating process specification of milling machine door and window aluminium processing machine? The milling machine is suitable for milling the horizontal, vertical or oblique grooves of large and medium-sized ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal parts on various machine tools, milling heads and boring heads, as well as boring and various improvements according to user needs, with various processing and manufacturing Ability, let’s share some of the next steps in the operation specification. 1. The workpiece should be clamped by pressing plates, screws or special tools. It is not allowed to use the wrench to add casing, so as to avoid slipping and not to hurt people. 2. The tool must be firmly fixed, otherwise it will not work on the drive. 3. Before starting work, check the operation of the transmission part of the machine, and the machine unit is set to work. 4. Milling and cutting of various workpieces, especially rough milling, should start with slow cutting. 5. When moving the workbench and the knife holder, the fixing screws must be loosened first. 6. When loading and unloading tools, use a copper hammer or mallet to make a slight impact to prevent the tool parts from flying out and hurting people. A milling machine is a machine that uses a milling cutter to mill a workpiece. It can process more complex surface shapes and is more efficient than a planer. It is widely used in mechanical engineering and repair departments. According to the different uses of the milling machine, the milling machine can be classified as follows. The structure can have the following types, desktop milling machines, small milling machines are used for milling tools, cutters and other small parts. A milling machine is a machine tool that mainly uses milling to machine multiple surfaces of a workpiece. Under normal circumstances, the movement of the milling machine is mainly a rotation movement, and the movement of the workpiece and the milling machine is a feed movement. It can be used to process planes, grooves, various surfaces, gears, etc. A milling machine is a machine tool for milling workpieces. The milling machine can mill planes, grooves, gear teeth, screws and spline shafts, and can also mill relatively complex mold surfaces. The efficiency is higher than that of stone benches. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing and maintenance departments. The milling machine is a multi-functional machine tool that can mill planes (horizontal and vertical), grooves (keyways, T-slots, dovetail grooves, etc.), gear cutting parts (gears, spline shafts, sprockets), and helicoids (screws). , Spiral groove) and various curved surfaces. It can also be used for rotating body surface, internal drilling and cutting operations. When the milling machine is working, the workpiece is installed on the worktable, indexing head and other accessories. The rotation of the milling machine is the main movement, supplemented by the feed movement of the worktable and the milling head, so that the workpiece can obtain the required processing surface. Due to the use of multi-blade intermittent cutting, the productivity of the milling machine is very high. Simply put, a milling machine is a machine tool capable of milling, drilling and boring workpieces. 245
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