NJPE, a large precision stamping die factory, is comparable to the international level

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-15
At present, with the rapid development of automation equipment, medical equipment, aerospace and other industries, the market demand for large-scale precision stamping dies is continuously expanding. NJPE has rich manufacturing experience and cooperation cases in large-scale precision stamping dies, it is widely concerned in the mold manufacturing market. Guangzhou International mould exhibition has always been the participation of some excellent mould manufacturing enterprises. It is a leading mould exhibition in Asia, a sister version of Euromold, and the largest and most professional mould exhibition in south China. Last year, NJPE gained a lot at the Guangzhou International mold exhibition. 14% customers and suppliers come to our company to consult products and collect information before the exhibition. Most foreign customers directly take samples and communicate some product processing details on site. Customers are very recognized for our company's mold technology level, manufacturing accuracy, service life and manufacturing cycle. The high-grade air conditioner fin progressive die produced by our company has received wide attention at the exhibition, and its service life can even reach 0. 5 billion times. 0. The progressive die of the micro connector with a spacing of 4mm can even reach 0. 5mm, while the smallest punch 0. 13mm direct grinding to achieve mirror effect. However, the stitches of high precision and high demand parts can even reach 0. 17mm. For some difficult S-shaped bending parts, the accuracy can even reach 0. 01mm. In precision stamping dies, NJPE can compete with the international level in terms of precision, service life and other properties. Molds are exported to Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, the United States, Brazil and other countries. NJPE has advanced mold processing equipment and testing equipment, CAE/CAD/CAM technology, fully automated ERP system, we look forward to your inquiry or click on the right side of the online customer service! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more.
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