The main application and numerical control milling machine


Milling machine mainly refers to the machine tool which in the processing of various milling cutter on the workpiece surface. Usually cutter rotating movement is given priority to, the movement of the workpiece and cutter feed movement. It can processing plane, groove, processing all kinds of curved surface, the gear, etc. Milling machine is to use milling cutter for milling machine tools artifacts. Milling machines in addition to milling flat, grooved, gear teeth, threads and spline shaft, also can processing complex surface, high efficiency of a planer, widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair department.

milling machine

Milling machine is a kind of widely used machine tools, can be processed on milling machine plane (horizontal, vertical plane) and groove (key, T slot, dovetail groove, etc.), the points of tooth parts (gear, spline shaft, wheel), helical surface (screw, screw groove) and various kinds of curved surface. In addition, it can be used in the surface of solid of revolution, inner hole machining and cutting work, etc. When milling machine at work, the workpiece is installed on the workbench or on dividing the first attachment, cutter rotating movement, accompanied by a table or milling head feed movement, the workpiece can obtain the required machining surface. Because it is more than the intermittent cutting blade, and high productivity of milling machine. In simple terms, the workpiece for milling, drilling and milling machine can bore processing of machine tools.

As the rising process of mechanization, CNC programming class began to widely used with the machine operation, greatly released the labor force. Programming of CNC milling machine will gradually replace manual operation. Requirements for employees will be more and more high, of course, the efficiency will be more and more is also high.

Milling machine is widely used, mainly used for processing or molding surface. To on the vertical milling machine processing of arc, and other special kind of plane CAM, is with the aid of rotary table, dividing the first machine tool accessories, and for overall adjustment of nc machine tools, machining accuracy is low, basic adjustment to work. So, in order to improve the machining precision of workpiece, to ensure product quality, facilitate processing arc surface and the curved surface of CAM, can use the method of numerical control milling machine numerical control reform.

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