Development Tendency of Milling Machine


The development of heavy duty machine tools will present two big trends. On the one hand, is a large flexible manufacturing technology with machining center or unit, large combined compound machine tool for the development direction, among them, horizontal boring and milling machines will be gradually replaced by the high speed machining center and flexible manufacturing unit. Floor-type milling and boring machine is given priority to with development of large combined compound machining center, with two or more variegated host compound machine tools, to meet the large processing parts sheet small batch production, technology is complex, the auxiliary time, and the characteristics of the processing cycle is long, often by a process, it is difficult to complete all the machine and the two combined machining center was completely can be achieved. Such as: two compound machining center cnc milling machine, and the sharing of lathe bed and guide rail, respectively, with a rectangular table and a rotary table (index), can be boring and milling processing; A floor-type milling and boring machine with a large compound machining center CNC single column vertical lathe, common lathe bed guide rail, a landing platform and a rotary table, can complete car, boring, milling, drilling and other processing, rotary table can be divided into degrees. There are two large ground Shared bedway milling and boring machine, and other combinations. Which save area, reduce the cost, also improve the machining efficiency. Another trend is the pursuit of refinement, improve the technological content of equipment manufacturing, reflect the characteristics of the machine safety, environmental protection and human.

milling machine

Above all, contemporary horizontal boring and milling machine and floor type milling and boring machine technology is developing very fast, mainly reflected in the updated design concept and machine speed and manufacturing process level has greatly improved, on the other hand is a machine tool structure change is big, the application of new technology. Horizontal boring and milling machine structure to develop in the direction of high speed motorized spindle, floor-type milling and boring machine to the pillow (not boring axis) structure direction, attachment is high speed, multi-axis linkage function, the structural type of diversified development trend, this will be the new trend of developing the technology for a period of time to come.

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