The Present Development Situation of CNC cutting machine


Commonly used in the process of machining, sheet metal cutting methods have manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and CNC cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting are flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, large size error, waste materials, subsequent processing workload is big, poor working conditions at the same time, the production efficiency is low. The contour cutting machine semi-automatic cutting machine, the quality of the cutting work piece is good, due to its using cutting mould, not suitable for single piece, small batch and big work piece cutting. Although other types of semi-automatic cutting machine reduces the worker labor intensity, but its function is simple, only suitable for some relatively regular shape parts cutting. CNC cutting compared with the manual and semi-auto cutting way, can be effectively improved the efficiency of plate cutting and cutting quality, reduce the labor intensity of handlers. In China today some small and medium-sized enterprises and even in some large enterprises using manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting way is more common. Steel usage of mechanical industry in China has reached 300 million tons, is a large amount of steel cutting; With the development of modern mechanical industry, the plate cutting processing efficiency and product quality requirements also improve at the same time, so the CNC cutting machine market potential is very big still, the market foreground is more optimistic.

cnc machine

After decades of development, CNC cutting machine in cutting energy and CNC control system has been a rapid growth of the two aspects, cutting energy has been developed from a single flame cutting energy to a variety of energy (flame, plasma, laser, high pressure water jet) cutting ways; CNC cutting machine control system has been developed from original simple functions, complex programming and input mode, do not have a high level of automation to have a fully functional, intelligent, graphical, networked control mode; Drive system also developed from the stepper driver, analog servo drive to today's full digital servo driver.

From the point of all kinds of CNC cutting machine application, the technology level of domestic production of cnc machinery CNC cutting machine, the whole machine performance, etc. of the overall level, all have made gratifying progress, pull up to the advanced international level step by step, meet the needs of users, to further improve the market competitiveness. Some domestic CNC plasma cutting products in many ways had formed its own unique characteristics, to realize the automation, multifunction and high reliability. In some ways, the product technical performances even surpass the foreign products.

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