What is Aluminum composite panel?

APCP (English name: aluminium plastic composite panel), referred to aluminum panels. Aluminum composite panel is a new decorative material with a series of excellent performance. It has been widely applied in the curtain wall, interior decoration and other fields since it was created; which creating a new world for contemporary architectural decoration. The so-called aluminum panels, is a panel made of aluminum and plastic. Specifically, the aluminum and plastic core material through special adhesive under certain process conditions to become composite plate. Aluminum composite panel is composed of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. The surface of the panel is covered with a protective film. Outdoor aluminum composite panel is coated with fluorocarbon(PVDF) on the surface, while indoor aluminum composite panel is coated with polyester(PE).
Aluminum composite panel machine
As to the structure of aluminum plate, a layer of plastic core material between two aluminum plates make it like sandwich structure, but actually more complex than sandwich structure. Coated with extra-durable PE or PVDF resin, a composite structure which features excellent characteristics (fireproof, waterproof, heat-insulated, sound-insulated and resistance against corrosion, pollution and wear. Aluminum machinery often serve for the aluminum products.

The thickness of panel is 3mm/4mm (standard)and 2 - 6mm available upon request.The Width of aluminum composite panel have 1000mm, 1, 220mm (standard), 1230mm, 1250mm and 1500mm.Also, on the global market, other widths available upon request.however, 2, 440mm is a standard Length of aluminum composite panel. Compared to other panel, Aluminum composite panel have good features of Super peeling strength, Excellent surface flatness and smoothness, superior weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance, even coating, various colors, Fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation, Superior impact resistance. The distinct advantage is that it is light in weight and easy to process and maintain.

However, if you are familiar with aluminum composite panel, you will found that it will have the phenomenon of discoloration and bleaching. This is mainly due to improper selection of the board. Aluminum plate is divided into indoor plate and outdoor use plates, the difference of surface coatings of two plates determine its possible in different use. Indoors Plates often coated with spray resin coating on the surface, this coating can not adapt to the outdoor harsh natural environment. If used in the outdoors, it will naturally accelerate the aging process, causing discoloration discoloration, so that aluminum plate which used in the engineering will have severe discoloration and bleaching phenomenon.
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