Standard Operation Requirements of CNC Cutting Machine


The necessity of CNC cutting machine inspection
Many users think the new cutting machines has been tested at the factory, and it only needs to adjust the level of the cutting machine in the on-site installation to test whether the processing parts qualified can be passed the acceptance. These users always ignore several aspects:

First, New cutting machine may bring some vibration and deformation during the transportation, and the accuracy and precision of cutting will obtain some deviation compared with the aluminium machinery manufacturer inspection.

Second, the adjustment of the cutting machine will have a certain impact on the accuracy.

Third, the positional accuracy of the sensing element is mounted in the cutting machine parts, and the adjustment of the geometric accuracy will have some impact on it. Therefore, the comprehensive inspection of the geometric precision cutting machine, position accuracy and work precision has to been made during the acceptance in order to ensure the performance of the cutting machine.

The acceptance of CNC cutting machine. The general acceptance is always in two phases.

First, Pre-acceptance
Its goal is to check and verify whether the cnc cutting machine can meet the processing quality and productivity of the user, check the information and spare parts provided by the suppliers. The suppliers can make the pre-acceptance only thecutting machine has gone through the normal operation trial and production workpiece has been tested and qualified.

Second, Final acceptance
According to the acceptance criteria, and the technical indicators in the measured certificate, the inspection work is divided into the following steps: open the box for the inspection; visual inspection; Cutting machine performance and CNC functionality of acceptance; CNC cutting machine the accuracy acceptance (including the position accuracy and precision).

During the process of the acceptance of the geometric accuracy of the cutting machine, it is finished together after the fine tuning of cutting machine, and it is not allowed to make adjust and detection one by one. Position accuracy test acceptance criteria based on the accuracy. The work of precision cnc machines for sale is an integrated precision, it not only reflects the geometric precision cutting machine and position accuracy, and also including the

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