Proper Use of Aluminum Equipment

The basic conditions for the rational use of equipment: equipping enterprise production process characteristics and the actual needs of its supporting, reasonable layout and coordination; production tasks are based on the performance of the equipment, load bearing capacity and technical characteristics, arrange equipment operator; choose with a qualified operator; develop and implement the use and maintenance of cnc cutting machine and regulations, including a series of rules and regulations to ensure the technical information to use and maintain the equipment according to the equipment; give full play to ensure that equipment performance objective, including the necessary protective measures and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, shock-proof measures; establish and implement the responsibility system for use of equipment. Equipment management, is based on these basic conditions, from the signing of the contract with the supplier of the equipment until it is out of production, through planning, organizing, education, supervision, and a series of measures to reduce wear and maintain the equipment should the accuracy technical performance and production efficiency, extend the life of the equipment often in good technical condition, the best economic results.


Reasonable production departments with equipment premise is correct, rational use of equipment, which gives full play to the performance and improve the use of effects. Reasonably equipped enterprises should be based on production capacity, production, nature and direction of enterprise development, equipped according to the actual needs of the product technology requirements and selection of equipment. In the selection of equipment, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. We should consider the complete sets of production equipment and auxiliary production equipment. Otherwise, it will cause incompatible devices, resulting in uncoordinated production arrangements, affecting the normal production.

2. Equipment with the performance and economic efficiency should be coordinated with the change of crimping machine structure, changes in the variety, quantity and technical requirements, as well as new technology, the promotion and application of new materials, various types of equipment with proportion should be adjusted to adapt.

3. In the process of equipping and we should avoid the pursuit of "large" and "small". Comprehensive planning, balance, and the implementation of the various units of equipment capacity within a business, to play the biggest role of the equipment and the highest utilization effect as a starting point as possible concentrated rather than dispersed.

4. If we can take the use of existing equipments to modify or make the fixture innovations in some special equipment, and we need do not purchase a dedicated device.

5. In the equipments, we should pay attention to improve the adaptability and flexibility of the device processing technology to meet the need of the products with many varieties, small batch and short production period. is also the first company to develop such kind of products and its matching products are complete. In addition, its main products are the processing equipment of aluminum alloy metal doors and windows, plastic steel window and door, curtain wall, aluminum composite panel and various punching machine. Furthermore, it can design and make various non-standard equipment and molding tools according to custmers' different needs.

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