Three Characteristics of Aluminum Mechanical Mold Development

First, make full use of IT technology to develop mold design and manufacturing. The user put forward the increasing demands on the speed of the presses, accuracy of aluminium machinery, efficiency and to promote the development of the mold. The shape of the body and the engine are two key components of the car, especially the large and medium-sized car body mold cover mold, technology-intensive, embodied the contemporary mold technical level, is an important part of the body manufacturing technology. The Body mold design and manufacturing accounts for about two-thirds of the automotive development cycle time, auto changeover constraints. Currently, the modification and updating of the world on the car generally takes about 48 months, while the United States only 30 months, mainly due to the application of CAD / CAE / CAM technology and three-dimensional entities automotive panel die structure design in the mold industry Software. In addition, the extensive application of network technology provides reliable information carrier, which carries out the remote design and off-site manufacturing. At the same, the virtual manufacturing application of IT technology also promotes the development of mold industry.


Second, reduce the tryout time of metal forming die. The current high-speed test of the major developments in hydraulic presses and tensile mechanical press, especially on mechanical presses mold test time can be reduced by 80%, with huge savings potential. This tryout mechanical presses trend is the use of a multi-link drawing press, and it is equipped with CNC hydraulic tensile pad or copy router with memory function parameter settings and status.

Third, the rapid development in the progressive die. Automatic punch with a progressive stamping die or combination dies machining rotor, stator plate, or applied to the connector jobs and stamping techniques are well-known. In recent years, the Progressive combination punching die bodywork has obtained the increasingly wide range of applications, the coil processing progressive die directly molded parts and drawn parts, machined parts is also growing, the provincial go to the follow-up to the plate shear, oiled slab transportation process necessary for the production in series with a multi-station press and die set. Progressive combination dies widely used in the U.S. auto industry, with its advantages of high productivity, low cost tooling plate shearing is not required ladder model used in the multi-station presses, saving 30%. However, the application of the combination of Progressive die technology is restricted by the stretching depth, orientation and transfer and the edge of the strip material surface hardening, which is mainly used to stretch the relatively shallow depth of simple parts, and therefore cannot completely replace the multi-station press. has become largest scale production base of construction doors, windows and curtain walls at home. It is also the first company to develop such kind of products and its matching products are complete. In addition, its main products are the processing equipment of aluminum alloy metal doors and windows, plastic steel window and door, curtain wall, aluminum composite panel and various punching machine.

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