Technical advantages of Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine

Metal laser cutting machine is the use of the principle of laser thermal cutting metal or plate. In design, R & D personnel constantly optimize the numerical control system, so that it could better meet the increasing precision parts machining; designed cnc cutting machine system dynamic stability, and long time with the work.

Laser cutting machining processes
Laser cutting is a more complex process, which involves a lot of factors to carefully check the contents before cutting, and we have to observe monitoring. Laser cutting professional computer-aided numerical control programming software, preparing the part program is generally completed in the offline computer. Some simple processing procedures can also be done in the editing interface of the CNC system, but it takes a long time and cannot carry out the complex parts programming nesting. Generally do not advocate for the preparation of the CNC program in the CNC system, because it will take up a lot of machine usage time, and inefficient. After the sheet is placed on the machine table, the important task is to determine the coordinates of the machining of the workpiece, and the coordinate system should be set with the CNC programming coordinates completely consistent.


The advantages of aluminum laser cutting machine
The laser has four major characteristics of high-speed, high directivity, high monochromatic and highly coherent. After aggregation, the laser beam passes through the guide to the high energy density in the industry has a wide range of applying a laser beam for cutting, crimping machine, welding, metal material surface-modified (phase transformation hardening, coating, dissolving condensate and alloying) and rapid prototyping.

Laser cutting machine laser processing industry is the most important application of technology, it accounted for more than 70% of the laser processing industry, you can see, laser cutting machine technology will revolutionize the sheet metal processing technology. Laser cutting compared with other cutting, the biggest difference is that the characteristics of the cutting speed high-precision and high adaptability. Laser can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, wood, plexiglass, ceramic, rubber, plastic, quartz glass and other metallic and non-metallic materials, laser cutting machine also has a slotted fine, small heat-affected area, the quality of the cut surface no noise cutting, the cutting process is easy to automate control advantages.

Laser cutting the sheet, the need for a mold, can replace some of the need to use complex and large abrasive punching method, can greatly shorten the production cycle and lower the cost, in addition, has a curved contour parts on some or many parts of the feature pattern, the laser cutting especially advantageous, therefore, laser cutting machine should be widely used in many industrial sectors of the electrical switches, household appliances, textile machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, food machinery and other sheet metal processing industry. takes the "Kingtool Machine, Professional Quality" as the principle, the "Realistic and Innovative, Solid and Enterprising" as guideline, the "Strive for prosperity, Contribute to the society" as spirit, and "Help customers to choose satisfied product." as tenet. In the foundation of firmly grasp the product quality, it not only provide professional before service, service during sale and after sale service for custoemrs, but also provide industrial information freely.

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