CNC Cutting Machine Purchasing Guide

Recently, CNC cutting machine production in China ranks first in the world, and gantry CNC cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machine, portable CNC cutting machine and other products occupy a considerable market share in Southeast Asia and the U.S., so does the shunde kingtool.

With the continuous application of modern scientific and technological achievements in the industry, the competition in the CNC cutting machine industry has become increasingly fierce. CNC cutting machine and other industries are obviously affected by the global financial crisis. Some people say that this is a battle without smoke, and there is no real sense of the enemy in battle, the real opponent is yourself. Mainly because many export enterprises is OEM, without their own brand and sales channels and which is fully exposed in the current financial crisis.


The various enterprises confuse customers
CNC cutting technology has not been put into application in the domestic market for a long time, but learn from the development experience of similar foreign products and more rapid popularization of cnc cutting machine technology and related products in the domestic market, and a large number of stickers brand trade enterprises also appeared in the market, which also led to the confused user at the time of purchase. The actual situation is that mostly domestic CNC cutting machine companies are mainly the low-end products, or OEM, and the high-end products and brand products is still dominated by the United States and Europe. CNC cutting machine profit margins were compressed, downward movement is dwindling, so enterprises should explore a new path of development.

The fierce situation in the future
Facing with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, if the domestic enterprises shall not pay more importance, which will affect their own long-term development, and good after-sales service is a top priority. In the sales of CNC cutting machine, the vast majority of production and exports from China, China has become the world's leading CNC cutting machine suppliers. Some problems are also increasingly exposed in the CNC cutting machine industrial development. In particular, the reform of scientific research and development system, progress has been slow down, obvious gap with foreign export products low foreign exchange earnings, lower level of performance, low price, small scale, low concentration, the raw material prices factors severely restricted the further development of the industry and improvement of the quality. CNC cutting machine enterprises must seize the new developments, increase scientific and technological innovation, and actively carry out product certification, to accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises efforts, improve supporting measures, and actively create conditions for attracting foreign investment and promoting the restructuring of corporate assets, the only way to the new situation under invincible. is an integrative enterprise of R&D, production and management. It is a director unit of China Building Metals Construction Association of Ministry of Construction and became the profession standard drafter of national aluminum processing in June,1998. Furthermore, its product have gained the honor of " Chinese Famous Product".

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