The Aluminum Profile Equipment in the Economic Crisis

The influence in the aluminum profile equipment trade

First, fluctuations in the global economic effect the foreign end-consumer, China's aluminum profile equipment exports pressure fluctuations in global economic performance of China's aluminum exports in two ways, first weaken the direct consumption of aluminum profile machining equipment of other countries, resulting in the limitation of our aluminum timber exports, and the data shows that China's aluminum exports fell. Although China's aluminum equipment exports have been restored, exports remained the growth, the growth rate has been in the declining trend; Second, other countries are not optimistic about the use of the consumption of aluminum products, leading to the decline of the indirect consumption of aluminum, foreign demands are not the product of China's electronic products, household appliances, automobiles, rail vehicles, and these exports are aluminum inevitably affect indirect export of aluminum.


Second, an increase in the rise of trade protectionism, trade disputes global economic fluctuations, aluminum consumption worldwide is affected, in order to protect their own business interests, some countries take trade protection measures, and in the past two years, the global trade for our aluminum equipment dispute was significantly increased. The EU has initiated anti-dumping investigations of the exports of China's aluminum wheel hub, and eventually lost Europe's second-largest aluminum wheel export market in China; the India safeguards Bureau had originated in China's aluminum plate and aluminum foil initiated the review of the investigation of the special safeguard; the European Commission announced that should the European Metal Industry Association application the aluminum foil volumes exported to the EU to launch anti-dumping investigation against China; addition, Canada, Australia, the United States, Colombia had on China's aluminum, cutting machines, anti-dumping investigation or the imposition of anti-dumping duties.

Influence in the domestic aluminum equipment consumption The main areas of consumption are affected, and the aluminum consumption growth was reduced based on our previous aluminum data and the experience of developed countries, aluminum consumption is highly correlated with GDP. A few years ago, it is benefit from the high-speed growth of China's GDP, and benefit from the high-speed development of the industry in China, aluminum consumption can maintain a high growth rate. After the global economic fluctuations, China's economic slowdown, and in the period of the "12th Five-Year", and China's average annual GDP growth rate is reduced to 7%. The data shows that, with the decline in GDP growth in the past two years, China's aluminum consumption growth also declined. takes the "Kingtool Machine, Professional Quality" as the principle, the "Realistic and Innovative, Solid and Enterprising" as guideline, the "Strive for prosperity, Contribute to the society" as spirit, and "Help customers to choose satisfied product." as tenet. In the foundation of firmly grasp the product quality, it not only provide professional before service, service during sale and after sale service for custoemrs, but also provide industrial information freely.

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