The Development of CNC Cutting Machine Industry

From the perspective of industry and enterprise, the development of the numerical control cutting machine should focus on the following areas: First, high-speed, precision CNC lathes, turning centers and four-axis linkage composite machine tools are mainly to meet the needs of the aerospace, aviation, instruments, meters, electronic information and bio-engineering industry.

Second, high-speed, high-precision milling machine for sale and boring machine and high-speed, high-precision horizontal machining center are mainly to meet the large and complex structural support of the automotive engine cylinder block and head and aerospace, high-tech industry, housing, cabinet, light metal parts and precision parts processing needs.

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Third, heavy, super heavy-duty CNC machine tools: CNC Boring and Milling, heavy-duty CNC gantry boring and milling machine and gantry machining centers, heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathes and vertical lathes, CNC heavy duty gear hobbing can meet the needs of energy, aerospace, military warship manufacturing, heavy machinery manufacturing, large mold machining, turbine cylinder industry the parts processing.

Fourth, CNC grinder: CNC ultra-precision grinding machines, high-speed high-precision crankshaft grinder and camshaft grinder, all kinds of high-precision, high-speed dedicated grinder to meet the precision ultra-precision machining needs.

Fifth, CNC EDM: large-scale precision CNC EDM forming machine tools, aluminum cnc cutting machine tools, precision small hole EDM cutting are mainly to meet the large and precision mold machining, precision machining parts, tapered bore hole processing and aerospace, aviation, and other special needs of the industry.

Sixth, CNC metal forming machine tools (forging equipment): CNC high speed precision sheet metal stamping equipment, laser cutting, laminating machine, CNC spinning machine, mainly to meet automobile, motorcycle, electronic information industry, household appliances and other industries board gold bulk efficient production demand and car wheels and the military industry, a variety of thin-walled, high-strength, high-precision rotary parts processing needs.

Seventh, CNC special machine tools and production line: automatic production line of flexible machining FMS / FMC, and a variety of special machine tools, the kind of production lines for the automotive, appliance and other industries processing block, cylinder head, transmission housing and multi-species variable volume casing, box-type parts and processing needs. There is no doubt that the prospect of CNC cutting machine industry is broad, we should make efforts to make progress in studying advanced technology and reducing the cost of raw materials to improve the competition to win the market. And there are also various methods to take more share in the broad market, it needs our more efforts. is an integrative enterprise of R&D, production and management. It is a director unit of China Building Metals Construction Association of Ministry of Construction and became the profession standard drafter of national aluminum processing in June,1998. Furthermore, its product have gained the honor of "Chinese Famous Product".

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