Several Kinds of Cutting for the Cutting Machine

Water vapor cooling cutting

The CNC flame cutting machines will be taken place of by the steam cooling cutting machine slowly, water vapor cooling cutting will be too hot steam radiation to reach the cooling to the cutting zone smooth cutting way. Its cutting system installed attack by water vapor, water vapor transmission and the control system and the machine system. The seminar marked water steam cooling cutting of the cutting machines can reduce cutting force and workpiece appearance roughness value, significantly reduce the cutting temperature, the generated chips are more reasonable, and the smoothness is improved. Water vapor is at a low price and without pollution, which is a good green smooth agent. Currently, the technology is still in the workshop phase,

cutting machines

Low-temperature air-cooled cutting

The low-temperature air-cooled cutting system mainly consists of the cold episodes installation and cutting system. Low-temperature air-cooled cutting can significantly reduce the temperature of the cutting zone, promote the tool wear resistance to extend the life of the tool, improve the quality of processing appearance, and bring no pollution to the environment.

Dry cutting

Dry cutting refers to does not use any cutting fluid in the cutting process, and it is a green cutting way which fits the ecological request. Its advantages: no pollution to the air and water environments; there is no residue in the chip of the cnc cutting machine which reduces the capital of clean disposal; and it is harmless to the human's health and will not damage the skin or the formation of allergies.

Minimum amount of smooth cutting

The minimum amount of smooth cutting refers to mix and vaporize the tightening air with a very small amount of the smooth liquid and radiate to the processing zone to stop the effective smooth. It can greatly reduce the amount of cutting fluid, which can effectively reduce the friction between the tool and the workpiece, the tool and chips, to avoid bonding to extend tool life and the quality of the appearance of the progress of processing. Currently, the technology is mainly used for cast iron, steel and aluminum alloy drilling, reaming, tapping, deep hole drilling, aluminum alloy end face milling.

Gas jet cooling cutting

Gas jet cooling cutting is to scour the processing zone by the jet gas with a certain pressure in order to obtain the cooling effect. Gas jet cooling cutting has the good aspects in the cooling effect, the quality of workpiece and the use life of tool. takes the "Kingtool Machine, Professional Quality" as the principle, the "Realistic and Innovative, Solid and Enterprising" as guideline, the "Strive for prosperity, Contribute to the society" as spirit, and "Help customers to choose satisfied product." as tenet.

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