The Developing Trend of CNC Cutting Machine

History of CNC cutting machine technology

It can be divided into five stages of development in accordance with the development of electronic devices: tubes NC transistor CNC, small and medium-sized IC NC, small computer numerical control cutting machine, microprocessor CNC cutting machine; hard line consisting of CNC systems, the cutting machines system consisting of computer hardware and software, the latter also known as soft CNC system: closed-loop servo control can be divided into open loop stepper motor drive system and servo motor drive system .

The cutting machine with CNC system can greatly improve processing accuracy, speed and efficiency. When there is CNC system, the manufacturer hopes that the NC system can take the place of the cutting machine designer and operator of the brain, has some intelligence, can gradually put a special process management experience and operational skills to a numerical control system, and also hope that the system has the graphical interactive diagnostic functions. First, we require that the numerical control system has a friendly interface and development platform, express their ideas freely through this interface and platform. The CNC system with the open architecture is produced.

cnc cutting machine

The penetration of traditional machinery manufacturing industry by the computer completely changed the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing sector will not only become a symbol of industrialization, and due to the penetration of information technology, the manufacturing industry has a broad development world like a sunrise industry. cnc cutting machine is the mechatronics product represented by the CNC system and formed by the penetration of the new technology the traditional machinery manufacturing industry and its technology range covers many areas: First, machinery manufacturing technology; Second, Information processing, processing, transmission technology: Third, automatic control technology; Fourth, servo drives technology; Fifth, sensor technology; Sixth, software technology

The promotion of CNC technology

As technology continues to progress, the application of numerical control technology not only has brought revolutionary changes in the manufacturing industry to the traditional manufacturing industry to make it become a symbol of industrialization, and with the continuous development of CNC technology and the expansion of application fields, it plays more and more important role in the national economy and the people's livelihood industries (IT, automobile, light industry, medical, etc.), because the digitization equipment needed by these industries is the trend of modern development.

The economy is developing rapidly, and more and more enterprises are pursuing high quality, high precision, high efficiency and low cost, especially the use of CNC cutting machines machinery and processing industries. Now many companies put forward on the increasingly high demand on the high intelligent automatic cutting function, therefore, the development of the CNC cutting machine must adapt to the growing demand of modern machinery and processing industries. If the enterprises want to improve the competitiveness, and enhance the sales, it is necessary to continuously improve the technical content of the CNC cutting machine to meet the market demand. SHUNDE Kingtool Aluminum Doors and Windows Machinery Co., Ltd. is an integrative enterprise of R&D, production and management. It is a director unit of China Building Metals Construction Association of Ministry of Construction and became the profession standard drafter of national aluminum processing in June,1998. Furthermore, its product have gained the honor of " Chinese Famous Product".

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