Peripheral Equipment needed by CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma cutting needs to be equipped with the appropriate peripherals Now most businesses generally apply the air as cutting gas for plasma cutting, but composition of air is more complex, so we generally need to be equipped with the appropriate peripherals to carry out air pretreatment, in order to make it applicable to plasma power arc starting. What devices do you need to be equipped with? What do you need to pay attention to? Let's explain them one by one: Air compressor: Air compressor is the equipment to compress and add pressure on air, cnc cutting machine requires a certain amount of air flow rate, so we must carry out the air pressure treatment, while the air compressor is more commonly used air compression device.

Freeze dryer: there is large water in natural air, these water will cause short circuit and huge damage to the plasma power when arcing, the air used for plasma cutting should carry out cold and dry processing after freeze-drying machine, to remove most of the water. It can effectively protect plasma power, increase the protection wearing parts, the life and can improve cutting quality.

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Oil-water separator: Because the environment CNC cutting machine in is harsh, there is often a lot of oil molecules in the air, If you do not dispose the oil molecules by the oil-water separator, it will cause the oil molecules gathered in the long run, damage the plasma power, at the same time the oil-water separator can further separate moisture in the air to further purify the air component.

Precautions: For air compressor, we should adjust the pressure threshold according to the actual situation of the plasma power, neither too high nor too low, and this is the key to protect the normal cutting. For the freeze-drying machine, we need to carry out maintenance, often discharge the water to avoid water accumulation. Oil-water separator filter should be replaced and cleaned on time, to ensure the separation performance. Overall, if cutting machines uses cheap air for arc cutting, it must be equipped with the appropriate processing equipment to carry out corresponding to the air. For the problems increased cost of equipment, customers will not care about, after all, compared to the stability and security of the cutting, these inputs are worth. In addition, these devices generally have a longer life, so customers can be assured. is an integrative enterprise of R&D, production and management. Our main products are the processing equipment of aluminum alloy metal doors and windows, plastic steel window and door, curtain wall, aluminum composite panel and various punching machine.

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