Discussion on Crimping Machine

China crimping machine enterprises

China crimping machine enterprises through continuous learning and strategic planning has been in the market to occupy half of the country, however, enterprises in the development process and highlights cause several fatal problem. If the lack of attention, processing is undeserved, it will seriously affect the development of enterprise and progress. At this stage, hard alloy folding machine in developed countries accounted for the dominant position of folding machine types, the proportion is as high as 70%.High speed steel folding machine but with annual 1% ~ 2% speed reduction, the proportion has dropped to below 30%.At the same time, crimping machine in our country also has become the processing enterprises for the main folding machine, is widely used in motor vehicles and parts production, mold manufacturing, aerospace and other areas of heavy industry, but our country machine enterprises blindly, mass production of high-speed steel and some low-grade standard folding machine, without considering the market saturation and the enterprise needed, finally the high value-added, high-tech content in high-end folding machine market "away" to foreign enterprises. The data shows, our country machine current annual sales of about 14,500,000,000 yuan, which carbide edge folding machine the proportion of less than 25%, but the domestic manufacturing industry required the hard alloy folding machine has occupied the folding machine of more than 50%, the blind production has been seriously cannot meet the domestic manufacturing of hard alloy folding machine day by day growth of demand, thus forming a market in high-end vacuum state, was eventually occupied by foreign enterprises.

The production of copy router

China produced 16500 tons of hard alloy with 4500 tons for copy router production, and the quantity is quite close to Japan. But it makes a flanging machine after value of only $800000000, far less than the $2500000000 in Japan. This fully shows the domestic carbide efficient folding copy router's overall production level and abroad still has quite big difference. So in the domestic enterprises cannot meet the market demand under the premise, the manufacturing industry needs to rely on imports to solve. The data shows, the main foreign in China in high-end folding machine market year increase rate is amounted to 30%, has more than domestic folding machine annual average growth level.

The development situation

Century is the era of network and information technology, enterprise informatization degree will become the important index of the development level of modern enterprises. Network, information technology not only can improve enterprise office efficiency, save office funds, accelerate the reaction speed, can also provide market information, assist enterprises to judge, to build brand.

crimping machine

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