What is Cutting Machine?

Introduction of cutting machines

The cutting machines use fabric surface looping or cashmere woof floating length, and then use the cutting device pile loom. Pile fabric with pile and weft pile, the pile by pile warp woven by cutting formed on the surface of the fabric after standing down; the fleece is part of velvet weft floating long cutting after the chorion formation Chinese production of pile fabric has a history of over 2000 years. Ma Wang Dui Han tomb unearthed in textile and loop pile. It is the pile fabric from cutting machines. This kind of fabric is woven with double axes coarse weft pile fabric business, appeared later raised bar instead of raising coarse weft, it is the earliest rod weave through pile loom. When weaving shed in pile corresponding input pile rod, so that the warp surrounded by raising rod forming pile loops, and then use the cutting knife to cut formation of the chorion. This method is still used in China velvet and carved velvet production.

The invention of cutting machines

The invention of the cutting machines without raising rod two layer woven pile fabrics velvet loom, and later appeared in double shed pile loom, nineteen seventies and adopts double rapiers weft insertion. The cnc machines for sale is suitable for weaving various pile fabrics. The pile loom, the pile warp winding and are woven in two shaft, wherein the ground warp and divided into two groups, each with the weft yarns interwoven into upper and lower two layers of cloth, velvet warp and two layer weft interweave cloth. When the fabric is formed, mechanism of the two layers of cloth in the middle of a pile warp break and it will become the independent amplitude of the pile fabric. According to the different opening and weft insertion, the pile loom with single shed and double shed cent, single shed is the main shaft of the loom every rotary forming a shed, with a shuttle weft insertion; double shed is the main shaft of the loom to a rotary forming two shed, two shuttle into two weft yarns. Weft pile loom is generally used by ordinary loom with according to the pile weave design pedal disc or a conjugate cam opening mechanism. Used for weaving corduroy, velveteen fabric weft.

cutting machines

Velvet fabric woven

Velvet fabric woven velvet after the cut pile mechanism in two ways: one is for the machine; another one is for machine cutting. With the reform and opening up the development of the economic situation, and 80 years the introduction of several kinds of rapier velvet loom, wherein the distinctive machine cut pile mechanism is a planetary gear cutter mechanism, the mechanism and the traditional eccentric gear and its conjugate gear cutter body structure. In this paper, using the analytical method of two kinds of cutting force and a more detailed motion analysis, introduction to the cutter mechanism principle digestive made certain attempt, in order to facilitate the new velvet loom cutter mechanism analysis and design.

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