How to install thermal-break aluminum processing equipment

Now the living standard is higher and higher,skyscrapers are rising around the city. Application scope of high quality thermal-break aluminum window and door is expanding, compared with plastic steel door window and ordinary aluminum window door equipments, equipments for thermal-break aluminum window door are used with higher frequency. Many people not really operate it before they buy the equipments. Now, we simply introduce some items need to be attention when install the thermal-break aluminum window door equipments.
First, power.For example some country is using 380V power, so when you connect the wire, please be attention on the live line and null line.Generally the manufacturer will clarify the color for each line, live line is black or blue color, null line is red (it depends on the manufacturer). If the live line reverse connection, please exchange it. 
Second, air source.Generally the equipments are with cylinder clamping system, so must make sure enough air source. If air source is not enough, it will effect the movement of cutting blade, at the same time, will affect the cutting performance.Generally, one set of thermal-break aluminum window door equipments need the air source reach 8Mpa, air supply capacity reach 0.3Mpa. If too many equipments, only air pump is not enough, should prepare one or two gas tanks.  
Third, equipment. Coz too many kind of thermal-break aluminum window door equipments, each equipments has several type. So check the equipment is very important, like pipe plug, feed and redraw back speed, right head and left head working situation for cutting machine.
In a word, make sure the installation and adjustment is good, check every details.
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