The Characteristics of Special NC Machine Tools for Large Scale Aluminium Alloy Window and

Aluminium alloy window and door are high precision products. Using special large scale machine tools to produce aluminium alloy window will make it has the characteristics of high precision, even saw bite, rapid processing speed etc, especially for those window and door that have high demands on airtightness, such kind of machine tools can guarantee its high quality. The large scale machine tools are suit for batch production, but it needs large investment and it occipied large area, which make it is unsuitable for home processing. For the modification works of home, the little quantity demanded and long distance between the processing spot and job site make the transportation fee is more large than the small scale machine tools. Therefore, comparing to the large scale machine tools, the small scale machine tools have some advantages for its competitive price for its almost manual operation, which make it still has some market space.
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