Shanghai will Push This Year, 30 million Square Meters of Energy-saving Windows and Doors


May 28, the Shanghai Municipal Government held a press conference on energy conservation, the situation, objectives and policy initiatives such as the situation is introduced.

According to reports, the Shanghai "Eleventh Five-Year" plan "outline" for energy conservation and binding emission reduction target is "By 2010, the city unit of GDP energy consumption decreased by 20% than in 2005, sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions than the reduction of 26% in 2005, chemical oxygen demand (COD) emissions by 15% over 2005. "

Shanghai municipal government explicitly requested, by all means to ensure the realization of "Eleventh Five-Year" total emission reduction targets, which unit GDP energy consumption fell about 3.6%, sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand emissions were controlled at 38 million tons and 25.9 tons or less, and for further decline.

Ensure the achievement of GDP energy consumption fell by around 3.6% target, the Shanghai municipal government's energy saving policies and measures include nine. Period "accelerate the implementation of key energy saving projects", will increase the intensity of industrial energy-saving, energy-saving target by a further 50 million tons to 60 tons of standard coal. Among them, 6 completed before the end of 20 million tons, 10 completed before the end of 40 million tons, 600,000 tons before the end. Implementation of energy-saving technology projects during the year, energy savings incentive standard is 300 yuan per ton increased to 500, individual project award amount from the maximum not more than 3 million yuan to 500 yuan. For the first half of the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation projects, the proportion of funds set aside awards on the basis of 50% to 90%; for the end of September before the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation projects, the proportion of funds set aside awards to 80%.

Ensure the completion of the "Eleventh Five-Year" during the implementation of existing energy-saving building 30 million square meters of renovation tasks. On to the "old residential flat to pitched comprehensive reform" the living conditions of construction, all strive to implement energy-saving. Increase the implementation of energy-saving doors and windows of special rehabilitation programs to promote energy-saving windows and doors from the beginning of the year 20 million square meters to 30 square meters. Continue to implement energy-saving products that benefit the project. According to energy-saving air conditioning adjustment policies, the city corresponding local matching subsidies extended by one year to May 31, 2011, fixed-frequency energy-saving standards for air-conditioning subsidies for the same local matching, frequency standards for energy-saving air-conditioning subsidies remained to enjoy the country air with constant frequency double the subsidies and local standards, and strive to promote energy-saving air-conditioning throughout the year 50 million units. To promote further expansion of the scale of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps throughout the year to promote more than 12 million, while increasing the promotion of energy-saving motors, energy efficient cars and other products.

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