The maintenance of crimping machine KT-333A


 1 There is abnormal voice when oil pump starts to work ,should check whether oil pump get empty to carry to unload condition ,if it is load unloading condition ,it can cause the fuel tank fever ,damaging the power
2 usually check all kinds of screws whether loose or not ,it can cause minus result
3 slide parts paneling ,orbit and so on adds oil one time every regular
4 when cape bump ,window material must put tidy ,next to the two sides fixed position piece and right angle fixed position piece.Trample the foot switch 1.2 ,you can press material and cape bump 
5 if you can two window materials connect tightly or 90 degree over difference ,adjust the fixed position piece way block angle iron ,check the window material is 45 degree whether correct or not use the specification of corner yard is whether or not ,hydraulic system is whether normal ,and so on .
6 After finishing working ,clean the surface of the machine working ,sliding parts draw the machine oil ,avoid to rustiness .

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