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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-16
Precision Die technology of aluminum alloy drawing products precision parts of aluminum alloy drawing for automobile air conditioning are currently produced abroad and various foreign joint ventures. NJPE's mold orders are among the domestic leaders and lead in domestic technology. To undertake the external orders of automobile precision air-conditioning molds, improve NJPE technical strength, open the external orders market of NJPE automobile molds, and provide mold technical support for Gree to develop automobile precision air-conditioning molds, paving the way for Gree to enter the automotive precision air conditioning mold existing technology: 1. After the ARC head is formed, there is a naturally formed R angle, and the quality problems such as welding, water leakage and air leakage occur during assembly and use. For such irregular forming and drawing products, the flatness of the bottom surface after forming is difficult to ensure, and the flatness after drawing by the traditional mold process is 0. About 5, the cutting and shaping effect is not good, and the innovative technology with high plane requirements for such parts cannot be guaranteed: 1. Innovative innovation point of extrusion sharp angle technology in circular arc of inlet head: after CAE analysis, it is modified to compress material thickness 0 to reduce R angle to R0. Below 15, the welding area of the two products increases, the welding quality is guaranteed, and the experimental verification shows that there is no water leakage and air leakage and the flatness is OK2. Using the secondary drawing process to ensure the product flatness innovation point: after CAE analysis and modification of the process, the bottom R angle is increased by drawing, and then the R angle is shaped to eliminate internal stress. Finally, the secondary drawing plane is used to release the stress on the bottom surface, the internal stress flow of the material ensures the flatness of the product forming position by 0. 05 high demand innovation advantages: 1. Overcome the waste-free flanging process ( Strict tolerance requirements, sealing for assembly, thinning of materials, and accuracy requirements for flanging and straight body) No waste thinning flanging process, through process optimization (Precision grinding, precision discharge, polishing) , Analyze the flanging thinning rate, calculate the reasonable gap, and finally meet the customer's no waste and no debris flanging, the product meets the customer's requirements 2. The side push structure is adopted to complete the head bump forming and shaping. The die trimming punch adopts cryogenic treatment DLC composite coating treatment to solve the phenomenon of improving the production of aluminum powder from the die. Every time a new field is entered, a large amount of development costs are needed. NJPE serves as the 'experimental field' for technology, management innovation and business expansion of the headquarters ', greatly reduce the development cost of Gree's foreign single automobile precision mold, and the development cost saved by each new project NJPE- The leading domestic mold processing factory has advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more.
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