Manufacturing technology of large sheet metal stamping continuous die

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-15
Large sheet metal stamping continuous dies require higher and more precise, high-precision positioning dies are continuously produced, the product market is large, the demand for high-speed production of continuous dies is increasing, and the application is more and more extensive. With the corresponding demand, the development of high-speed production of large-scale continuous dies is becoming more and more urgent. As an international leading manufacturer of continuous dies for sheet metal stamping, NJPE has accumulated experience, in the large-scale continuous mold technology research and development application and technology precipitation also occupies the industry leading advantage. The production characteristics of large sheet metal stamping continuous dies: 1. Better ensure the appearance and dimensional accuracy requirements of stamping parts than engineering dies; 2. The production speed is fast, producing at least 35 pieces per minute, which is more efficient than engineering mold production; 3. Production equipment can be streamlined, personnel operation can be reduced, and even unmanned automatic production can be achieved; The production characteristics of large sheet metal stamping continuous die: 1. The die design requires smooth feeding, higher positioning requirements for each process, no scratches, no obstruction and smooth discharging, and the combination of oil, gas and electrical equipment applications; 2, higher than the engineering mold processing precision requirements, parts and template processing size requirements are higher; 3. The requirements for assembling equipment and places are large, the lifting equipment is required to be changed, and the operation and Assembly personnel are required to be experienced; The following will share with you how to optimize the sheet metal stamping continuous die from the aspects of product molding analysis, mold layout molding scheme, mold structure and molding optimization. Product Name: left and right side panels of air conditioner external unit, material: G90, product dimensions: length 527X width 241X height 66 (Material thickness 0. 66 MM). 1. Product forming analysis: NJPE uses moldflow to analyze the forming flow of the product, predict the forming cracking and wrinkling parts of the product in advance, reasonably arrange the process, and confirm the forming rebound amount of the product and other factors; 2. Process molding scheme: NJPE usually uses full 3D mold design to intuitively and clearly reflect the product process, mold structure diagram, etc. to avoid leakage process, leakage molding, leakage and avoidance interference, etc, to achieve excellent results such as one-time model test OK to meet the needs of customers in short delivery period; 3. Mold structure design: the mold design mainly considers that the material belt can be produced smoothly on the mold, and the total length of the mold is 2. , Width is 1. 700, in order to ensure higher mold positioning and service life, the mold adopts 6 groups of outer guide Post Guide sleeves for guiding positioning, and each group of plates is larger, with a template size of about, 4 groups of D25 internal guide pillars are adopted for positioning to meet the requirements of positioning accuracy; The stable feeding production of the mold must have a good orientation. The large Guide block is used to guide the feeding of the appropriate floating block to ensure the smooth progress of the material belt; Not only that, when the product is punched and formed, the inside of the mold is full of D8. 05 guide needle and precise positioning block positioning, so that the product does not take the material during molding, stable and accurate molding, complete each step of molding; In order to meet the large continuous mold with high stroke and high pressure shrinkage, we have adopted nitrogen Spring, which can make the mold have longer service life and more stable molding. NJPE has the technology and equipment of large-scale sheet metal stamping continuous die sleeve solution, providing one-stop service for customer product projects. NJPE-To provide you with the solution to the mold product project! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Deep cavity mold expert, NJPE is the only one. How can domestic precision mold manufacturers realize efficient electrode management?
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