linden man injures arm caught in milling machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-29
Police responded to the Hexacon Power Company on West Clay Avenue.
A report on an industrial accident today
The caller reported that a 48-year-old male employeeyear-
Old Linden resident, his arm was trapped in the milling machine.
The patrol officer, Harold bloninger and Mitchell White, responded and found that the victim suffered a large wound on his right arm.
The officials provided emergency medical care and fixed the vaginal discharge.
Union County EMS and Trinitas ALS responded to the victims and sent them to Newark University Hospital.
A survey showed that when his arm was stuck with the machine, the man was working alone on a copper milling machine.
The victim\'s colleague helped him by shutting down the machine and prying him for free.
The Roselle Park police station is assisting NJOSHA in the investigation.
More United county news: NJ.
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