large stepper cnc clock

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-04-09
My stairs upstairs always seem empty, and I want to make a big clock that can be seen both from the front door and upstairs.
The clock is essentially a CNC milling machine with X and Y Planes
Ardunio running GRBL 1. 1 (
Convert G code to step driver)
The DRV8825 step driver, two optical sensors \"end gear\" and the top of the Japanese standard 17 step motor comes with CNC shielding.
Orange Pi Zero running Debian uses WiFi to get the current time, convert it to G code using Python, and send it to Ardunio continuously.
The connected video shows the start of the clock, homing to two optical sensors (
Rock twice back and forth to make sure at 12: 00)
Then set the time to 10: 58.
Software theory: the stepping motor is set to 1/32 microsteps, with 3 to 1 gear on the pulley for every 200 steps.
When the number of steps/mm is set to 32, the rotation speed of a circle of hands is 600mm, so 1 minute = 10mm, 1 hour = 50mm.
The Python function \"localtime \"(
Allow TZ and DST)
Returns the current hour/minute/second.
At this time (for example)
At 10:30:36, the minute step value is 30 minutes * 10 mm/min = 300 steps, plus a second offset of 36 seconds/12 = 3: So the minute pointer will be stepped to 303 steps. (
More than a fraction of the clock number 6)
Similarly, the hour pointer is 10 hours * 50 steps/hour = 500 steps, plus a minute pointer offset of 303/12 = 25.
25, so the hand of the hour will go to 525. 25 (
Indicates half between 10 and 11). The G-
The code sent will be: G1X303Y525.
25F3000 = 303 hands per minute and 525 hands per hour.
25, all at a speed of 3000/min.
Local time is converted from 24 hours to 0-
12: 00 is 0-
Return the needle at 12: 00 (vertical)
Reset the count to zero.
At 12: 00, both hands will go home.
File grblclk. py is (hopefully)well commented.
The exact time in Debian is via NTP (
Network Time Protocol, run \"ntpq -
\"P\" to ensure proper sync.
Good article: The clock shaft goes through the wall from the closet at the back
The minute shaft is 3/8 \"aluminum\" and the hour is 3/4 \"nylon/delrin, and the external bracket is 3/4\" aluminum pipe (
Or 7/8 \"aluminum with an inner diameter of 0. 759\").
This is done on the trolley bed, but can be done on the drill press --
Drill a 3/4 \"hole block of wood pieces and then leave the block, and the Chuck 3/8\" place 3/4 \"nylon is inserted into the hole.
The holes of 3/8 \"will be concentrated on nylon.
The mounting plate is done on the milling machine, but can be done with plywood.
The pulley on the shaft is 60 T GT2, there is 20 T GT2s on the motor, and there is a 200mm belt between the pulleys
Reduce 3 to 1 step by 200 steps per turn.
This causes 600 steps per clock to rotate, but the step driver is jumped to 1/32 microsteps: The steps per mm are set to 32 steps to make 10mm = 1 minute.
The optical sensor is mounted on a curved thin aluminum plate with a flag screwed on the pulley.
These can be installed anywhere and can be fixed to the right position by hand.
Because the hands are quite large (
About 1 m from the center line)
They must be lit.
The wood 1/4 \"pin forms a longer part of the center line and then the 1/4\" steel bar cancels out the wood.
The center pin/pole holder is drilled with fixed screws of wooden and steel bars at 3 degrees and the screws are fixed to lock the shaft.
The wooden pile is tapered at the end of 3 degrees, glued together and treated with a black wood penetration stain (
Match the steel bar and look like a piece).
By gluing the stake/steel bar into the 1/4 \"ID pipe and connecting to the Hub (? ).
I have tried many different types of hands and the balance method seems to work best.
Now the minute line and minute line are printed in 3D and the STL file is attached.
The number on the wall is 6 \"Gothic plastic (Staples Amazon.
To help locate numbers, enter: \"screen/dev/ttyACM0 115200\" when ssh logs into orange Pi \".
This establishes a serial connection through Pi to GRBL.
Enter $ H to bring the arm home and then move the arm to the desired position by typing \"G1X300F1000\" to position the arm at 6. (
The increment of 50 will point to the continuous number I. e.
: X = 50 is 1 point, x = 100 is 2 points, and x = 150 is 3 points. . . )
To exit screen, enter ctrl a, then K, and then Y \"(Yes)to kill screen.
Ardunio/CNC shield has a good record on the internet, searching for instructures: www. instructables. com/id/How-to-Installuse-GRBL-W. . .
Instructions for installing it on Ardunio will be provided. The Orange PI (
Or Raspberry PI with WiFi)
Similarly, there is also a good documentation for loading the Debian server (lucsmall.
Com/2017/01/19/beginner-guide-to-the-orange-pi-zero/ ).
Install Python Serial Library ()
, And additional Python scripts that read the time and send the G code to Ardunio. The demo.
The running py file is shown in the video below.
GRBL is by default-
The stepping motor is energized between two steps so that the arms are not likely to interact (i. e.
The minute needle is rotated by the bearing surface or unbalanced arm and gently drags the hourly hand)
, This is done by setting $1 = 255.
The number of steps per mm is $100 X and $101 Y, both set to 32 steps/mm.
Return must be opened by $22 = 1.
If the clock starts and stops at some time (i.
E. children in the bedroom behind the wall)
, Copy the start/stop script and modify the/etc/crontab file in the attachment. -
Due to the size of the clock, it is enough to judge the time with an hour pointer only (
The early clock was copied from the Sun Dial with only one hand).
With a smaller, balanced hand
It can run directly from the stepping shaft. (? )
Construction has been greatly simplified. -
Since the CNC shield can drive another stepping motor (Z)
It can be used for pendulum, cuckoo clock animation or. . . . -
There is also a switchable output (coolant mist)
And the available PWM output (spindle drive)
Can be used like an alarm clock or an hourly clock. -
The Ardunio Mega/CNC shield can be replaced by Ardunio Mega/ramp 1.
5 motors and more outputs are supported. -
You can project a circular light pattern from a relative Wall to add a circular outline, and you can even use light marks and numbers
The clock can be started and stopped using the crontab, and WiFi on the orange Pi is used to get accurate Internet time (NTP)
It can also be controlled remotely. -
If you drive too fast, the motor will make a scream, and some high speeds will cause a slight resonance on the wall (
This has been reduced to a certain extent by the installation of neoprene/Hockey hockey)(2)
Stepping Motor (AliExpress)(2)
Film installation (AliExpress)(2)
20 t GT2 5mm ID pulley (AliExpress)(2)
60 t GT2 5mm ID pulley (
ID of drilling by size)(AliExpress)(2)
Closed loop GT2 belt 200mm (AliExpress)(2)
Optical sensors or equivalent products (
Hall Machinery)(AliExpress)(1)
7/8 \"aluminum tube 6061 (
Aircraft cloud 0. 759\" ID)(1)
3/4 \"Del Lin pole (hour shaft)(
Aircraft cloud 0. 750 OD)(2)
3/4 \"cable clamp (Home Depot)(1)
3/8 aluminum bar (minute shaft)(
Plane Spruce Home Depot)(1)3.
5 \"x 12\" aluminum (or plywood)
Mounting plate (
Metal supermarket-cutoff bin)(2)1.
5 \"x 4\" x 3/4 \"aluminum blocks (
Lever support-
Can be made of plastic)(
Metal supermarket)(4)
1/4 \"x48\" wooden piles (hands)(Home Depot)(1)
1/4 \"x 36\" steel bars (
Hand weight)(Home Depot)(1)
With CNC Shield V3 (
Or Ardunio Mega with ramp 1. 4)(AliExpress)(1)
Orange Pi Zero (
Or Raspberry PI with Wifi)(AliExpress)(1)
Surplus of laptop power supply (
Or any 18 V to 30 v 2-3 amp)(1)
USB adapter DC to 5 v (
Or 5 v USB power for Orange Pi)(AliExpress)(1)
6 \"plastic Gothic letters (Staples Amazon
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