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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-14
With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the demand for various large and highly decorative molds for automobiles is growing rapidly. For example, for automobile instrument panels, designers are continuously improving the size and complexity of such mold products. Therefore, more advanced processing technology must be sought to make the processing of large moulds as simple and easy as processing small moulds. NJPE has sophisticated processing equipment, imported from Japan, Makino, Toshiba, Mitsubishi top equipment, through the selection of similar brands, models of equipment to achieve standardized equipment management, the machining accuracy of Makino CNC and EDM equipment can reach 0. 01mm; Horizontal CNC equipment A100E can clamp 302 tools, and A66E is unattended for 24 hours; Vertical CNC equipment F5, A33i, A56i and other machine tools have a maximum rotation speed of 30 thousand revolutions. The processing accuracy of 26 Mitsubishi WEDM equipment reached 0. 003mm. Main problems in large mold processing: 1. Huge size and weight when processing large molds, how to cope with its own huge size and weight is a major challenge for processing enterprises. The processing of large moulds often requires a large amount of labor, special equipment and many times of debugging and clamping, and the processing accuracy is also affected by many potential factors and is not easy to ensure. 2. The problem of purchase cost the biggest cost directly related to the processing and production of various large moulds is the purchase cost of machine tools. Machine tools that can produce large moulds are quite expensive, especially in the complicated process arrangement, which requires multiple machine tools to complete the whole process from rough machining to finish machining. If the rough machining and finishing of large moulds can be realized on a suitable machine tool, and even only one debugging and clamping is needed, then many problems will be solved and the machining accuracy can be guaranteed. Design features of large mold processing centers: it is necessary to discuss some design features necessary for large mold processing centers. 1. Cast iron lathe bed structure, machine tool spindle with heat dissipation function cast iron material has high rigidity and heat dissipation characteristics, so it is the most stable material for manufacturing machine tool structural parts. For any machine tool for milling large parts, it is first necessary to have a very strong cast iron structure and a spindle with heat dissipation function. 2. Due to the long processing time of thermal stability technology, the influence of ambient temperature must also be considered. For example, when a large mold is processed on a common machine tool, when the ambient temperature changes by 10℃, a temperature change of 6℃ will occur on the machine tool column, thus causing the parallelism of the spindle angle plate to occur by 0. 07mm change. Therefore, the design of machine tools must take into account the effect of ambient temperature to prevent ambient temperature from affecting the accuracy of processed parts. 3. Speed for a large mold processing center with fast movement, the spindle speed of the large mold processing machine should reach at least 20000r/min, and the metal cutting speed should meet 762 ~ 20000 mm/min. 4. Precision precision control runs through all stages of mold processing. If it is necessary to realize rough machining and finish machining of large molds on one machining center, then the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool must be strictly controlled. The positioning accuracy of a special machining center for large moulds can generally reach 1. 5μm, repeated positioning accuracy should reach 1μm. At the same time, its pitch accuracy should be kept within 5μm. NJPE precision mold factory, focusing on precision injection mold, sheet metal stamping mold, precision stamping mold, precision parts processing and manufacturing, has 30 years of mold technology precipitation, and many large enterprises such as Gree, daikin, Valeo, Denso, Yazaki, Fuji Xerox, Canon, etc. , with the business goal of exceeding customer expectations, strive to create a world-class mold enterprise. If you are interested in our products or have questions, we are very happy to serve you. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Three major points that cannot be ignored in selecting precision die manufacturers and four forms that affect the service life of cold stamping dies
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