King Tool aluminum door and window equipment ranking

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-02
There are many King Tool aluminum doors and windows equipment, including a series of equipment such as cutting saws, corner forming machines, milling machines, etc. If you want to rank, you may still have to consider the efficiency of the equipment to make a relatively fair ranking. This article brings you the knowledge of King Tool aluminum door and window equipment ranking by Machinery. 1. Aluminum profile CNC sawing center LJZD-CNC-500×6000 is suitable for high-efficiency sawing processing of aluminum profile, can continuously process 8 profiles, complete ±45° or 90° cutting, reduce feeding time, automatic feeding, Automatic cutting and automatic discharging, the cutting process is stable, and the cutting accuracy is guaranteed. 2. The aluminum profile CNC double-head high-precision cutting saw (Italian sawing structure) automatic feeding table can continuously and automatically clamp the profile for cutting processing. The moving part adopts high-precision linear guide pair, which runs smoothly and guarantees processing accuracy. The manipulator movement adopts imported high-precision rack and pinion to ensure the accuracy of feeding. Imported motor directly connected saw blade, cutting smoothly and high processing precision. 3. Aluminium door and window heavy lifting angle machine (positioning lifting) LMA-120 is suitable for the corner punching and riveting connection of aluminum door and window, the power is controlled by the hydraulic system, and the work is stable and reliable. Reinforced frame and mechanical structure make the work more stable and the failure rate is low. Automatic lifting type internal positioning, more convenient for workpiece clamping. The special hydraulic station has high power and greater punching and riveting force, and can process large section and large wall thickness profiles. Special high-speed hydraulic system can provide faster group angular velocity and improve work efficiency. Single-pole multi-point corner knives can be configured to make the corners of the thermally insulated aluminum doors and windows more reliable. The work surface is equipped with LED work lights, which are fully illuminated, practical and convenient, and reduce the rejection rate. The main electrical components adopt well-known brands to ensure the reliability of the electrical system. 4. Aluminum profile super-efficiency end milling machine (five-knife type) is suitable for the forming and processing of large numbers and batches of long aluminum alloy profiles. The end face of the profile can be milled into the required tenons in one pass. Size. The machine has fixed profiles and movable cutters, which can realize the molding and processing of long profiles in large quantities and batches. Six sets of combined knives can be combined into any size according to user needs, among which two sets of knives can be adjusted within the range of 180°. Our company can customize special-thickness knives according to customer requirements to meet customers' non-passable mortise size requirements. The installation of a worm gear reducer can realize the stability of the tool feed and ensure the processing size of the profile. 234
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