King Tool Aluminum Door and Window Equipment Encyclopedia: Automatic Angle Saw Machine for Aluminum Door and Window

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-02
King Tool Aluminum Door and Window Equipment Encyclopedia is an automatic corner sawing machine for aluminum alloy doors and windows. This equipment is suitable for cutting the corners of doors and windows. It uses a series of components such as core pressure vessels, gears, bearings, motors, and PLCs to improve the equipment. Work efficiency and capacity, 4 kilowatts of power, whether it is for aluminum window cutting or curtain wall processing, it is easy. The product advantages and parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment, but are only used as a knowledge for the introduction of the machine. If you have a need for this product, you can move to: Aluminum profile heavy-duty single-axis copying milling machine LXF-300×100 . Automatic corner sawing machine for aluminum alloy doors and windows 1. Automatically cut aluminum corners 2. PLC controlled automatic feeding, suitable for mass production. 3. Counting device, easy to operate, automatically save the cutting volume in the case of power failure. Equipment parameters and purchasing information Main specifications and technical parameters Power supply 3N~50Hz 380/220V or cutting according to customer specifications Motor power 3kw Motor speed 2880 rpm/min Operating pressure 0.6~0.8MPa Air consumption 200L/min Automatic feeding length 5~580mm cutting Length is not limited, cutting speed 0-3m/min, blade specifications ø500×ø30×4.4X Z120 blade width x height 140×140 mm, cutting surface plane ≤0.10mm, cutting surface perpendicularity 0.1mm, cutting surface roughness Ra12.5μm, contour size 5670mm× 1770mm×1840mm(L×W×H) Weight 500kg Main parts Programmable controller Omron saw blade Wagen solenoid valve-German Festo cylinder JPC (FESTO joint venture brand) engine Sanyang (Chinese car brand) air filter device STNC electronic button and switch Schneider AC contactor and circuit breaker Schneider approach switcher Turck linear bearing system silver magnetic grid Sike standard accessories saw blade 1 piece support 1 set air gun 1 complete tool 1 set certificate 1 piece Operation manual 1 piece of coolant spray device 2 pieces of optional equipment Dust removal system 563
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