is your washing machine making you sick? the little-known section of your front loader gathering toxic black mould and leaking fumes into the air

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-17
A group of Australian homeowners have discovered the dirty cause of the toxic smell released by their front loader washing machine, which is infiltrating their clothes.
These women have uploaded pictures of the issue to an online cleaning forum and they have noticedthan-
A pleasant smell from their appliances and found a thick layer
On the mold of the rubber seal.
\"Does anyone have luck in cleaning the mold in the rubber seal of the loader washing machine before cleaning?
One lady wrote.
The front loader is designed in a way that collects dirt and dirt better than the front loader.
This is because they have waterproof, airtight doors that are sealed with rubber washers, which capture moisture in the machine and encourage mildew to grow.
At the same time, the top loader has a loose metal door that can be easily dried between each wash.
The rubber seals are covered, so it\'s hard to tell if your front loader is infected, but it could be a very unfortunate surprise, as these ladies have found out.
\"I\'m sorry you all went out on this clear Sunday, but obviously I didn\'t try to clean and take care of my washing machine,\" said one lady in despair . \".
\"The situation is very bad.
Tried wiping with vinegar, but nothing good.
Another explained that I was reluctant to use anything harsh because I didn\'t want to break the rubber.
There are hundreds of reviews between them to share the treatment
All treatments including bleach, double
A carbohydrate soda with vinegar and clove oil.
\"We have the same problem. . .
I was unable to remove mold stains but was told to wash them once a month at a temperature of 90 degrees without detergent or clothes and one person also replied that since I did, it didn\'t get the mucus back.
Others suggested that those who did not keep up with the cleaning schedule splurge on the front loading machine without rubber seals.
But the price starts at $1,599, so it\'s understandable that not every homeowner can afford the extra cost.
No one though-
The method of removing the mold keeps the combination of the machine door open between washing and wiping the rubber seal every week should solve this problem.
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