Introduction to the performance and function of the internal and external swing equipment of the automatic double-head aluminum profile cutting machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-26
The automatic double-head aluminum cutting machine/cutting saw has very good aluminum profile processing capabilities. Its advantage is that it can process products quickly and efficiently, with high precision, and can continuously output qualified aluminum profiles for a long time. A very good choice for businesses. The following is an introduction to the performance of the internal and external swing equipment of the common automatic double-head aluminum cutting machine. It does not represent the function of the mechanical equipment. If you need to understand our equipment, you can move to: Cutting saw equipment under the broken bridge aluminum door and window aluminium processing machine List. Input the cutting length size and angle from the LCD display on the control panel. The head is automatically positioned at 45° and 90°, and the middle angle can be easily adjusted. The memory size is 2299 steps, including the number of cuts, length and angle. Manual length size adjustment Possibility Magnetic ruler length control system PLC control system multi-language support for repeated cutting procedures, angle cutting-variable and fixed length-fixed angle ultra-long cutting program (over 4 metric tons) The diameter of the diamond saw blade is 500 mm and the disc output is 170 Mm, double contour cutting (85 mm x 2) horizontal pneumatic clamping kit, adjustable cutting speed, single-head operation possibility, industrial dust removal movable head bearing conveyor, intermediate profile support, long-size cutting, special attention has been paid to machinery The functions that can be selected for electrical safety measures include: aluminum profile cutting cooling system through Ethernet and barcode label printer from computer to machine data transmission module Thank you for reading, the above is about 'automatic double-head aluminum cutting machine inside and outside swing equipment 'Performance function' is introduced. If you have any questions about the content introduced in this article, you can call our company for support. We are an experienced manufacturer of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. There are many types of cutting saw equipment alone. , Welcome your consultation and understanding at any time. 170
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