Introduction to the characteristics of aluminum profile cutting processing center equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-12
The aluminum profile cutting machining center can complete all operations on the four sides of the aluminum profile. It has very good efficiency. It is a sharp tool for door and window processing. This article brings you the characteristics of this equipment, the parameters and advantages are for reference only. , You can view our product details, parameters, features and other information in our broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment column and plastic steel door and window aluminium machine column. 12 high-speed customized and air-cooled spindles, controlled by the servo axis, can cut all angles from 0° to 180° with an accuracy of 0.1°. Standard cutting operation + V-cutting + 90 degree incision + Combud angle incision operation (standard operation: horizontal line operation, single hole operation, circle operation, rectangular operation, horizontal capsule operation, cylinder operation. Vertical capsule, head upright Cylinder operation, head vertical cylinder operation, vertical line, rectangular milling operation.) 1 650 mm and 1 550 mm diameter saw. Positioning with 3 axes and 360 rotatable grippers. The automatic positioning clamp device automatically recognizes the length of the profile. Any size profile from 500mm to 7500mm can be loaded into the profile feeding device. Equipped with automatic lubrication system. High-precision profile conveying system. Remote access. Vertical centering system. Special milling cutter for aluminum processing. Each fixture can adjust the pressure system. Thank you for reading. The above is the introduction of 'Introduction to the equipment characteristics of aluminum profile cutting and processing center'. It is a good equipment with complex operation mode, remote access, automatic lubrication system and pressure adjustment system. Bring better help and production efficiency. 167
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