Introduction to broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment: single-head PVC profile end milling machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-01
Single-head PVC profile end milling machine for the introduction of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment. They are only for your reference for the introduction of the machine. If you have a demand for this product, you can move to: Aluminum Profile heavy-duty single-axis profile milling machine LXF-300×100 or aluminum profile quick-change tool end milling machine LJDX-200KS. Milling the ends of the profiles, these profiles will be connected with the sides of other profiles to form a multi-section window frame. The automatic milling operation includes the use of a fast and easy-to-change blade holding system in the machine, so that many types of profiles can be operated without wasting time in the procedure of changing blades each time the profile changes. A rotating control valve can be set for 4 different profiles at a time. The milling speed adjustment is located on the panel to facilitate the use of profiles with different angles. The pneumatic clamping system strengthens the motor shaft. The special operating table prevents the profiles from slipping or misplacement. The side profile placement block for the milling cutter to place the profile on the side The special indentation on the profile makes the position of the profile more secure. The support arm for the long profile is equipped with 2 sets of blades as standard, including the blade storage room. All precautions are taken to prevent work accidents. The power supply unit has voltage overload protection. Optional function for aluminum profile milling The cooling system is added to the wish list. Serial blade replacement When processing different profiles, the blade set can be quickly replaced with a button. Technical specificationsPower supply: 380-40V, 3ph, 50-6Hz Total power value: 1,1kW Motor KW: 1,1kW Air consumption: 2,2L/min Air pressure: 6-8bar Machine height: 1180mm Machine length : 131mm machine width: 850mm machine weight: 11kg to high Machinable profile height: 9mm to high Machinable profile width: 90 degrees u003d 120 mm, 45 degrees u003d 90 mm Sleeve diameter: Ø30 to high blade width: 140 mm 385
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