Introduction to Broken Bridge Aluminum Doors and Windows: A Simple Encyclopedia of Aluminum

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-06
The introductory knowledge of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is the knowledge about aluminum. Although we use aluminum doors and windows every day, we don't know much about this metal. Aluminum metal is very rare in its natural state, and the process of extracting it from ore is complicated, so it has been unknown for most of human history. However, compound alum has been known since the 5th century BC and was widely used for dyeing by the ancients. In the Middle Ages, its dyeing use made it a commodity for international trade. Scientists in the Renaissance believed that alum was the salt of the new earth; in the Age of Enlightenment, people had determined that this soil, alumina, was an oxide of a new metal. The Danish physicist Hans Christian Oster announced the discovery of this metal in 1825, and the German chemist Friedrich Weiler extended his work. The aluminum used in the aluminium processing machine of broken aluminum doors and windows is difficult to extract, so it is not common in actual use. Soon after the discovery, the price of aluminum surpassed that of gold. It was not reduced until the French chemist Henri Tione Saint-Claire de Ville started industrial production in 1856. In 1886, French engineer Paul Herro and American engineer Charles Martin Hall independently developed the Hall-Hero process. In 1889, Austrian chemist Karl Joseph Bayer developed the Bayer process, making the public more accessible. To obtain aluminum. So far, these processes have been used in aluminum production. The introduction of these mass production methods of aluminum has led to the widespread use of lightweight, corrosion-resistant metals in industry and daily life. Aluminum began to be used in engineering and construction. During the world war, aluminum was an important strategic resource for the aviation industry. World metal production increased from 6,800 metric tons in 1900 to 2.81 million metric tons in 1954, when aluminum became a very high-production non-ferrous metal, surpassing copper. In the second half of the 20th century, aluminum was used in transportation and packaging. Aluminum production has become a worrying issue due to its environmental impact, and aluminum recycling is increasing. This metal became an exchange commodity in the 1970s. Production began to shift from developed countries to developing countries; by 2010, China had accumulated a particularly large share of aluminum production and consumption. World production continues to rise, reaching 58.5 million metric tons in 2015. Aluminum production exceeds the sum of all other non-ferrous metals. 323
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