Introduction to broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment: aluminum alloy profile corner assembly machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-01
The aluminum alloy profile corner aluminium machine equipment for the introduction of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment. The parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment, and are only for your reference for the introduction of the machine. If you have a demand for this product, you can move to: Aluminum A series of door and window corner machine equipment such as heavy-duty lifting corner machine (positioning lifting) LMA-120, aluminum door and window double-head synchronous corner machine LZJ2-100×3000. By applying pressure, a wedge placed inside is used to connect the corners of the two aluminum profiles. Working principle 2 punches, providing knives that can be adjusted on 3 axes. Pneumatic crimping through a lever system to ensure synchronous movement of the punches. The universal hydraulic and pneumatic pull-down stopper makes the frame easier to operate. Horizontal and pull-down wedge clamps Make sure that the profile is properly aligned and gripped during the crimping phase. 3 vertical pneumatic clamps ensure the correct positioning of the profile in the machine and the crimping joint of the grabbing tool kit ensures fine position adjustment; it has a quick clamping/releasing system, which is fully suitable for any series of machinable profile frames and Hydro-pneumatic locking of the side baffle alignment stopper 2 foot switch control 2 pairs of 4/6 mm standard crimping tools for the support arm of the profile (right and left mechanical and electrical safety measures have been obtained Special attention. Mechanical and electrical measures are optional. The indenter is equipped with 2 universal blades, which can be adjusted on 3 axes. This provides ease of use. The press reinforcement system thick aluminum blockboard passes The 6 bar of compressed air and a customized mechanical system increase the power factor and help to drill out the profile easily. The central pressure system makes the left and right handpieces under pressure at the same time, and ensures that the profiles welded in the corners are subject to pressure from both sides. The same pressure without slipping. Technical specifications Air pressure: 6-8Bar hydraulic printing: 100-120 bar Pressing force: 325kgf to small profile height: 60mm to high profile height: 140mm to high profile width: 14mm machine height: 135mm machine Length: 100mm Machine width: 100mm Machine weight: 320 kg 386
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