Introduction of four-position seamless welding machine for plastic doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-09
The four-position seamless welding machine for plastic doors and windows is a kind of plastic-steel door and window aluminium machine. It has many features. It uses a combination of single point, two points, three points, and four points for self-controllable welding operations, which is very suitable for color The profile joints produced are very beautiful and the grade is also very good, and the strength is also high. This article brings you an introduction to the four-position seamless welding machine for plastic doors and windows. 1. It can complete the welding process of ┏┏┏┳. Any combination of single point, two points, three points and four points can be used for welding. 2. It is very suitable for the welding of colored profiles (including filming, transfer printing, two-color co-extrusion, spraying). After the welding machine completes the welding, the welding flash can be cleaned once, and the size of the welding gap can be strictly controlled. Therefore, after the color profile is welded, the surface joints are very beautiful and high-grade. 3. The welding strength is higher than the corner strength of the prototype. Through the control and pneumatic system, the welding machine will strengthen the welding strength, especially the software processing in the melting, melting-welding gap and butt welding process to ensure different Achieve very good welding strength under the environmental conditions (learn more about plastic steel doors and windows equipment). At the same time, because the surface after welding is directly cleaned, there is no hook groove for cutting hook and broach, so that the welding contact area is relatively increased by 10% to 20%. Based on these two improvements, its welding strength is much better than that of ordinary door and window welding equipment, and it is also better than some equipment that uses broaches for corner seam treatment. 4. The welding and welding machine with integrated hub uses eight cutters to clean the diagonal gap, which can clean the low gap between the middle stile and the cross-shaped stile. The surface of the various stiles is beautifully welded and has high strength. The welding gap of the welding machine is formed by finely controlled welding with the participation of fine press tongs, cutting machine and main controller. The processing of refined pressure pliers and cutters provides the basis for stabilizing the welding gap. The main controller can optimize and adjust various welding parameters, and control the size and stability of the welding gap through digital parameters, so that the cutting gap of standard profiles can be at least as small as 0.15mm, and co-extruded profiles with a thickness greater than 0.25mm can ensure no leakage Background color. 5. Wide general range. When users use different profiles, general welding equipment requires major adjustments to the equipment, but this type of equipment basically does not require major adjustments when welding different profiles. The production efficiency of the four-position seamless welding machine for plastic doors and windows and the qualification of the products are very good. The surface welding is beautiful, the strength is high, and it can be applied to different welding profiles without too much adjustment. It is a very good door and window processing. equipment. 92
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