Instructions for use of King Tool's hinge drilling machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-04
Since each customer has different accessories and methods for hinge processing and hinge locking, the drills with small holes on the left and right sides can be replaced at any time, which greatly improves the applicable functions of the machine; the locking method of the hinge is different, and the requirements for the opening are different. It is also different; the commonly used processing methods include self-tapping screw locking, and small pulling and bursting nail methods. All this product has different differences between ordinary bench drill modification and manual drilling method. Therefore, the hinge drilling machine plays a key role in the quality of the hinged holes of the all-aluminum home. The hinge drilling machine is more suitable for an indispensable aluminium processing machine in our home industry. Description of Woodworking Hinge Drilling Machine Single-head woodworking hinge drilling machine 1. Performance characteristics The machine is beautiful and generous, with novel design, excellent technology, high production precision, convenient and flexible operation, stable and reliable operation, and high work efficiency. The hinge drilling machine has no calibration device, which can ensure the drilling depth. 2. Main application: This machine can process 3 holes in the vertical position at one time, of which 1 large hole is the hinge head hole and 2 is the assembly screw hole. One door hinge hole can be drilled at a time. It is an ideal tool for producing small and medium-sized panel furniture. Dimensions 700*800*1300 Motor Power 1.5kw* Drilling Diameter 35mm* Drilling Depth 50mm Machine Weight 110kg Woodworking Hinge Drilling Machine Style Semi-automatic Hinge Drilling Machine Purpose of each part: Molding aluminum plate-starting from the fixed foot cover template Function degree adjustment seat-to adjust the inclination of the aluminum plate of the mold. Adjusting handle-to adjust the left and right, front and back of the sliding plate. Quantity table-to record the production quantity. Up and down switch-to switch up and down the manual cylinder (adjusting the machine) Use) pressure gauge-indicating the size of the air pressure three-point combination-adjusting the size of the air pressure, oil injection (lubricating the cylinder), the action time control of the water filter-adjusting the opening time of the copper clip when working, the transformer section switch-adjustment The high and low foot switch of the heating temperature of the copper clip-the work at the start
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