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Aluminum door and window equipment installation and commissioning should pay attention to these! Author: Tianchen Aluminum Machine Time: 2018-12-24 10:32:00

Many aluminum door and window manufacturers have not really operated before buying equipment, so here are some details about the installation and commissioning of aluminum door and window equipment.

First, the power side. The voltage of 380V is the normal voltage of the general door and window machinery. The voltage must be stable. The line should not affect the equipment and personnel operation as much as possible. The ground line should be protected by a shield.

Second, the gas supply. Since the pressure of the aluminum door and window equipment should ensure sufficient air supply, it can be used better, which is the basis to achieve cylinder compression. Under normal circumstances, the air supply volume and air pressure of aluminum door and window equipment are fixed parameters, that is, the air supply flow rate should reach 0.3, and the air pressure should be able to reach 8 pressures. In the case of multiple aluminum door and window equipment, it is necessary to prepare more gas storage tanks, depending on the actual situation. If the air pressure is not reached, the accuracy of the door and window processing equipment will have some corresponding effects, and correspondingly, the processing effect will also deviate from the expected phenomenon.

Third, the equipment side. There are many types of aluminum-aluminum doors and windows for broken bridges. Each type of equipment has multiple models, or different equipment parts. Therefore, in the installation and commissioning of aluminum door and window equipment, it is necessary to coordinate the work of each area and grasp every detail.

Fourth, in terms of space, in the use of equipment, it is necessary to arrange the location of the equipment reasonably. From the storage and sawing of raw materials to the finished doors and windows, there is no need to go to the west to carry materials.

Fifth, the security aspect. It is necessary to be dedicated to the equipment, and to disclose the safe use of the equipment and the handling of safety incidents.

Sixth, equipment maintenance. The maintenance of the equipment should be carried out by a special person, and the maintenance must be stopped before the maintenance. Use it every day, clean equipment and debris, and check the equipment for abnormalities.

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