in a high-tech world, car designers still rely on clay

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-04-09
WARREN, Mich. (AP)—
Car designers have a wide range of software and virtual reality tools.
But when they want to make sure that the curve of the car looks just right, they rely on one of the oldest materials in the world: Clay.
From Mercedes-Benz to Tesla to Toyota, every car of every major carmaker was formed in clay long before it hit the road.
Car manufacturers hire sculptors to make scale models and complete models
Clay vehicles.
They carve every detail, from the window to the door handle, to the slight creases on the hood.
They also shape the interior with such fine detail that the focus group cannot always know that they are looking at the clay dashboard.
Car companies have tried other materials, such as plaster.
They tried to design cars with computers.
But no hands-
Bob Boniface, GM\'s global Buick exterior design director, said the design looked stiff and dated during the engraving.
\"Clay is still the best.
\"This is a very flexible medium,\" Boniface said . \".
\"We can put the clay on and remove it very quickly.
\"Clay has been used in automotive design studios for at least the 1930 s.
Legendary GM designer Harley Earle is considered one of the pioneers.
Now, the same light
GM designers and sculptors have used full Studios, but still use thousands of pounds of red --
German supplier Kolb supplies brown clay every year.
Boniface says design is more important than ever for car companies.
In terms of crash performance, fuel economy, sense of road and price, brands are now basically equal.
Design is the biggest advantage.
\"Yes, cars are a product, but it\'s a very emotional purchase,\" he said . \".
\"So the work we do in design is very, very important to distinguish between our products and other competitive environments.
Car design starts with a sketch of the designer.
Once the designer has narrowed down some ideas, the sculptor will makethird-
The clay model on their drawings.
Finally choose a design. A full-
The next step is the scale clay model.
In Buick, the sculpture makes the skeleton with foam, plywood and aluminum at home, and then covers it with 2 to 3 inch hot clay, adding heat to the dedicated oven 24 hours before use.
When the clay is cooled, it can be carved.
The car company uses a milling machine to cut the rough shape of the car, and the process takes about two days.
The sculptor then does the detail work, forming a subtle arch around the wheel, or forming a jewelry pattern on the headlights.
Buick exterior sculptor Gianna Ball trained in metal forging and worked in a senior factory
End the car repair shop before completing two repairs
Annual diploma program in clay modeling, Detroit Institute of Creative Research.
She likes the challenge of carving complex details before and after the vehicle.
Clay is a perfect material because it is very tolerant, she said.
\"You can take the opportunity to do a design action that may be valid and may not work, and it\'s easy to fix or change,\" she said . \".
Sculptors work closely with designers who may suggest changing the angle or moving the crease mm up.
They also work closely with digital sculptors who can scan clay models and send data to engineers.
The engineer may send back the changes to ensure the design meets the crash-test standards.
Last year, digital sculptor Courtney urbell worked on the design of the door.
Clay made the work faster, she said.
If a corner is too sharp, it may hit the passenger\'s elbow and the clay sculptor can soften it in a few minutes.
Urbiel says it takes hours to make digital changes.
The final design of the vehicle may change 12 or more times.
A key test is when the clay model is covered with a film that looks like paint and is taken outside to see how natural light works on its curves.
\"Sometimes you take it outside and it looks terrible,\" Boniface said . \".
\"But cars will eventually live in the wild.
\"It takes three to four years from the first sketch to a car that goes offline.
Most recently, in Buick\'s studio, a new clay model of the 2018 Buick Enclave was partially hidden as sculptors were already making style changes for the future enclave.
Designer Max Sullivan looked at the side of the model and stretched a long tape on the part he wanted to recreatesculpt.
Human touch has always been part of the process of artistic creation, he said.
It\'s no different to design a car.
\"You must be able to shape it and shape it in front of you,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not true if you enter the computer.
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