I am going out to talk about how much a set of broken aluminum doors and windows machinery equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-13

I am going out to talk about aluminium cutting machines from SHUNDE Kingtool Aluminum Doors and Windows Machinery Co., Ltd.

KT-323A/B Aluminum Cutting Machine Features:

This machine is developed to meet the development of aluminum door and window and curtain wall processing industry in China.

Simple operation, reliable performance, advanced technology and easy maintenance.

The tool uses a carbide saw blade for fast cutting speed, high productivity and high machining accuracy.

The two saw heads can work alone or simultaneously.

When working at the same time, the required length and the angle of both ends of the profile can be cut out at one time.

This machine is especially suitable for cutting extra wide profiles. KT-323A/B aluminum alloy door and window precision saw

Inch: 5300×1700mm1800mm Weight: 1800kg, common faults and their elimination methods

9.1 After the air compressor and machine tool are started, if the pressure of the pressure regulating valve does not reach the working pressure, first check whether the compressed air output from the air compressor reaches the working pressure. If the working pressure is reached, check whether the spring of the pressure regulating valve is broken or Whether the pipe leaks for timely replacement.

9.2 During the processing of the profile, if the saw head is retracted after cutting and the clamping cylinder is still not loosened, check whether the motor swing arm touches the travel switch.

9.3 When the oil mister does not drip in the working process, it should be checked whether the inlet flow is reduced, whether the oil pinhole is blocked by dust, and the problem is solved in time.

9.4 If there is a fault in the electrical and pneumatic system, refer to the electrical schematic diagram and the pneumatic schematic diagram, and use the method of reverse finding and segmentation analysis to find the cause.

First of all, from the aspect of power: Since the common voltage of the broken aluminum door and window equipment is 380V, we must pay attention to the connection between the live and the neutral when wiring. Generally speaking, the door and window equipment manufacturers will give their eyes, the fire line is black or blue, and the zero line is red (each factory depends on their own situation). If the fire line is reversed, just replace the two at the two ends of the line. Secondly, we talk about the gas source: Since the pressure of the broken aluminum door and window equipment is the cylinder pressure, ensuring sufficient air supply is a prerequisite for efficient use of the equipment. If the air pressure is not reached, the saw blade of the double-head cutting saw of the broken aluminum profile will be affected, and the corresponding processing effect will also be affected. Generally speaking, a set of broken aluminum door and window equipment must ensure that the air pressure can reach 8 pressures and the air supply flow rate reaches 0.3. If there are too many equipments, it is not enough to rely solely on the air pump. You need to prepare one or two gas storage tanks. Later, we will talk about equipment problems: due to the large number of broken aluminum door and window equipment, each equipment may have several machines. It is especially important for the inspection of door and window equipment, such as the gas pipe plug of the cutting saw, the speed of the saw blade in and out, the working state of the saw head, and so on. All aspects of installation and debugging of broken aluminum door and window equipment must be done well. If we firmly grasp every detail, we can certainly be able to debug it. Broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment has always been regarded as a high-end product in door and window equipment, and has always led the development of China's door and window equipment. But if we can't make good use of it in our daily life, it will lead to a waste of resources, because this kind of door and window equipment is expensive.

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