How to Use a Bending Machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-05-01

The bending of metal pipes and pipes uses a winding machine.These two different types of metal pipes are treated with different winding machines.Hand-Clamp the machine to the working surface to stabilize and bend the thin metal tube.Larger, heavy-In order to increase the torque and bend the thick metal tube, connect with the air pump.Each machine is usually equipped with an angle.Measures to ensure proper bending.Determine if the pipe or pipe needs to be bent and choose the right bending machine for the job.Clamp the folding machine on a flat working surface to make it stand upright and firm.Rotate the upper and short handle to the position above the bending device.Open the latch to make way for inserting the tube.Insert the tube into the pipe slot.Close the latch around the tube and fix it in place.Lower the upper part, short handle, until the roller mold rests on the tube, angle-The measurement is aligned at zero.Close the latch firmly and hold the latch tightly to the tube.Press the short handle above until the zero on the scrollThe bracket is aligned at the angle with the required bending-measure.Rotate the upper, short handle up to release the newly bent tube.Connect the Hydraulic Folding Machine to the air compressor or hydraulic pump.Pull back the brass coupling ring on the compressor or pump hose and slide it onto the connector of the machine.Release the ring to protect the connection.Set the groove of the machine to receive the diameter of the curved pipe.Do this by moving the pins of the machine to the appropriate settings.Slide the pipe into the groove of the machine so that the point of predetermined bending is above the angle zero point-measure.Turn on the compressor or pump.Unlock the safety lock of the machine, allowing the machine to move and bend the pipe until the indicator on the angle-Measure the degree of bending required.Close the safety lock on the bending device and stop the bending process.Turn off the compressor or pump.
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