How to repair the solenoid valve of door and window equipment broken?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-03
How to repair the solenoid valve of door and window equipment broken? Generally speaking, we need to determine where the problem is in 4 steps, and then repair and solve the problem. For example, the solenoid valve coil end circuit can be checked and replaced after confirmation with a multimeter. Next are the specific 4 Troubleshooting methods and solutions. The expansion and contraction control of the oil cylinder of the door and window equipment is generally through a PC or a relay, and the expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder is controlled by reversing the solenoid valve core, so as to realize the completion of all the execution actions of the door and window equipment. Generally, there are the following types of malfunctions of solenoid valves. 1. Solenoid valve coil end circuit: Can't realize automatic commutation according to electric signal, resulting in electric control failure. It can be checked and replaced after measuring and confirming with a multimeter. 2. The electrical signal failure caused by the drop or virtual connection of the solenoid valve control circuit terminal, or the oxidation of the connector can be checked and eliminated according to the circuit diagram. 3. The solenoid valve is clogged. Because the air source is too dirty, the internal valve core of the solenoid valve of the door and window equipment is blocked or the action is not flexible, which causes the solenoid valve to fail to reverse. In this case, the solenoid valve will have the same failure behavior. When this happens, remove the solenoid valve and clean the valve core and valve core sleeve with kerosene (be careful not to clean it with gasoline) to make the valve core move flexibly in the valve core sleeve. When disassembling the solenoid valve of door and window equipment, pay attention to the assembly of various parts and the external wiring of the solenoid valve to facilitate reassembly and correct wiring (how to perform daily maintenance on aluminum alloy door and window equipment?). 4. Air leakage of the solenoid valve A. In the case of improper installation of the middle sealing piece of the solenoid valve of the door and window equipment on the valve plate or the installation of the solid line loosening, the sealing piece can be adjusted and the screw can be tightened. B. The sealing ring inside the solenoid valve is damaged or the solid screw is loose. If it cannot be repaired after careful inspection, replace the solenoid valve. C. Foreign matter rushes into the solenoid valve and blocks the valve core, causing the valve core to fail to change direction, the solenoid valve leaks from the main valve plate, or the cylinder does not operate normally. It should be eliminated after careful inspection. D. Sometimes because the manual device of the solenoid valve is locked, the solenoid valve generally does not reverse and is eliminated after inspection. The method of judging whether the solenoid valve of door and window equipment is damaged. 1) Remove the wiring of the solenoid valve and measure with a multimeter. If the circuit is open, the solenoid valve coil is damaged. Replace the solenoid valve. 2) Interchange method: Replace the solenoid valve that needs to be judged good or bad with a good solenoid valve of the same model on the equipment (or exchange the air pipes of the two valves). If the action controlled by the original valve returns to normal, it can be judged that the original solenoid valve is blocked or damaged, and it can be cleaned and replaced. If the same failure performance still exists after replacement with a good solenoid valve, the problem is not the solenoid valve, and the control circuit, air circuit or actuator should be checked. Thank you for reading. The above is the introduction of 'How to repair the solenoid valve of door and window equipment?' If you have any questions about the content of this article, you can call our company for support. We are experienced broken bridge aluminum Door and window aluminium processing machine manufacturers. 91
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