how to repair an hp dv9000 - series laptop

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-04-06
As a high school graduation gift, I received an HPDV9260US laptop.
Until 13 months after I received it and one month after the warranty expired, it worked fine.
To make a commercial repair of it, it will cost about $800, equivalent to the cost of replacing the laptop.
So I decided to fix it myself.
The task is not difficult when one knows how to fix it.
The only part that could cause a real problem is the problem of organizing parts and screws.
Iused\'s organizational system is to place all parts and hardware in a bag labeled ziploc whenever the parts are removed from the laptop.
With more than 100 screws, the tissue system is critical.
The symptoms I encountered indicate a video chip failure.
My laptop is becoming more and more unreliable, and I have encountered strange visuals such as flashing horizontal lines on the screen with strange colors.
About two weeks later, it simply refused to start Windows.
Another symptom is that it gets very hot, even hotter than before, and this series of laptops is notorious for overheating.
Since then, I have learned that the cooling system is clogged with dust and therefore cannot fully cool the video chip.
This video chip is also designed so that it has little tolerance for overheating.
The convergence of this variable causes the video chip to be permanently destroyed.
Before Istart, I would like to say that it is up to you to take the risk of doing anything to your laptop under this instruction.
That is, if you want to fix the HP DV9000-
Series laptops, it may not work at all right now, so anything should take a step in the right direction.
What needs to be done to fix the HP DV9000 laptop may be to replace the motherboard.
There are many ways to do this professionally, but between material and labor costs, they will charge for the cost of a new laptop.
So it makes more sense for me to fix it myself.
All you need to do to replace the motherboard is to replace the motherboard, some basic tools and repair guidelines.
Everyone will tell you that it is impossible for someone who is not an expert to change the motherboard, which is obviously untrue.
It is entirely possible for anyone with basic mechanical skills to replace the laptop motherboard.
The only thing you need to do is be careful to sort out all the removed parts and screws.
Idid is to label each part removed with a new Ziploc bag and place the parts and screws associated with the part in the corresponding Ziploc bag.
However, one of the most important things when replacing the motherboard is to have a guide to guide you through it step by step.
Fortunately, HP has released their repair and maintenance guidelines for HP DV9000 series laptops.
Here you can find: there are basically two ways to replace the Motherboard: simply replace the motherboard, leave the cooling system as it is, or improve the cooling system to improve performance.
The new motherboard does not have a cooling system, CPU, ram or something else, so these need to be transferred from the old motherboard.
I chose to improve the cooling system to make sure I don\'t blow up another motherboard.
In the process of improving the cooling system, I experienced a lot of trial and error.
It took me quite a while to improve the cooling system correctly.
Before I found a viable solution, I blew up two replacement boards and finally completely disassembled and reassembled the laptop about 20 times.
Luckily, I can explain where I went wrong.
If you do not have any experience with thermal grease and radiators, I suggest you install the old radiator holder on the new motherboard.
It\'s relatively simple if you just want your laptop to be serviced to the inventory level.
Just follow the guidelines and keep all cooling system components.
Please make sure not to damage all thermal pads.
However, be sure to clean all the dust on the cooling fins;
This is because the cooling pieces of this series of laptops are blocked by dust, so it has a close relationship with a serious failure.
However, I can tell you how to improve if you want to improve the cooling system.
It\'s a bit tricky, but it keeps the laptop cooler.
The inventory cooling component is shown below.
When I first tried to replace the motherboard, I thought it would be a good idea to replace all the thermal pads with hot paste, which I thought would conduct heat better.
In doing so, I have a layer of hot paste about 1/8 thick.
It turns out that the hot paste is very conductive when thin layers are used, while the thick layer is an effective insulator.
That\'s why I blew up the first motherboard.
Something that has to use heat conduction to fill most of the space between the radiator and the chip.
The final job is to replace the thermal pad with a solid copper.
By using a thin layer of hot paste to connect the copper sheet to the cooling system and the chip, I achieved a better thermal connection to make the system chip cool more efficiently.
In order to make the copper sheet I used to heat connect the radiator and Chip, I first purchased 5 different thickness copper sheet sample packs from www. onlinemetals. com.
Sample Packs are listed here :.
I measured the size required for the copper sheet and marked the size on the copper sheet.
I cut the copper rectangle with a 90 degree angle metal cutting machine;
It works a bit like a very durable pair of scissors, it has a 90 degree angle tool steel that is forced down by the corresponding shape of the tool steel gap.
Very useful for cutting rectangles.
Unfortunately, it distorted the copper sheet a lot.
To flatten them, I first clamp them tightly with a precision milling vise.
This squashed them and kept them moderately flat.
However, the more flat they are, the better they will be in contact with both surfaces, and the better the hot connection will be.
To flatten them more precisely, I placed a fine piece
Sandpaper face-
A piece of precision --
Processing aluminum.
By polishing the two contact surfaces of various copper sheets, I was able to flatten them very precisely and provide them with excellent surface finish.
In the process, I make sure that the sandpaper is kept moist and moist
Polishing here is better than drying.
Just polish.
The chip is well prepared to install the radiator, but the radiator itself has a relatively poor surface finish in the exposed places.
In addition, a foil is installed on the radiator of the video chip.
To fix this, I completely remove the foil with a razor blade and use a fine Polish radiator surface
Sandpaper again.
To install the copper sheets between the chip and the radiator, install them on the radiator first.
To do this, I lay a thin layer of hot paste on the surface of the radiator and press the copper sheet on it.
The hot paste I use is the northern silver 5, which is a very high quality hot paste available from the radio cabin.
To lay it on the radiator I put a small amount on the radiator and spread it around with a blade but should be able to use anything hard and flat like an old credit card
The trickiest part of placing the copper plate between the radiator and the various chips is to choose the right thickness of the copper plate.
I cut out parts of different thickness for each part of the radiator and installed them correctly using the trial and error method.
Once the copper sheet is installed on the radiator so that the radiator can be installed well without the original heat pad, the radiator must be re-installed on the motherboard.
After properly coating the contact surface of the chip, simply follow the matters detailed in the HPmaintenance guide, see.
Rebuilding the laptop is just a problem once the radiator is reassembled.
Simply reverse each of the steps outlined in the maintenance guide and perform them in the reverse order.
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