how to make arduino based mini cnc machine a complete tutorial

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-04
Hello friends, I have uploaded a CNC machine manual before, you are very grateful, some of you have a lot of problems, confusion is obvious, the reason is that there is very little knowledge.
Therefore, I have collected all the necessary instructions here to minimize your questions and questions about how to successfully manufacture and run CNC machines.
Many manufacturers have contacted and commented on some common issues like my stepping motor is not working but it works on a trial run machine drawing a very small image Arduino or when starting the code
How do the code files install the library. So here I post a complete guide on how to make CNC Machine Vision content in a very simple and easy way is the best and powerful way to go ahead, take a look at these videos first so that you can clearly know what you will learn in this manual, the information in all of the following videos must be to make a perfect CNC machine, so watch carefully. 1)
Look at this and see how to assemble CNC machines, wires and run 2)
See how this can be tested and run by connecting the stepping motor with the motor shield 3)How to make G-
Code file for any image 4)
After reading this article, I hope you have some knowledge of the basic concepts and work of CNC machines. Here is a list of hardware and software you want--------------------------------------------Qty---1 Motor Shield-----------------------------------------------Qty---1 Servo Motor--------------------------------------------------Qty---
1 scrap DVD drive----------------------------------------Qty---
Bolts and nuts and washers 250mm long------------------------Qty---8A pen----------------------------------------------------------------Qty---
Some hardware and tools---------------------------------------Qty---
1 lotSoftware Go to link select software packages according to your system download specific software ** Note :-
The Inkscape version must be 0. 48.
Only other sensible gcode extensions don\'t work.
Understand the role of CNC machine parts and software is very good 1)
ARDUINOArduino basically works as the brain of the CNC machine, uploading the CNC code to the arduino, so that when the Gcode flows to the arduino Arduino command Motor Shield to run the stepping motor. 2)
The L293D motor shield this is a dedicated shield for controlling the authenticity of the arduino motor. x-axis & y-axis)
A servo motor, please read the detailed technical knowledge. 3)
The servo motor basically uses this motor here just to connect the upper and lower pen servo to the motor shield4)
Arduino IDE this is used to upload code to arduino5
Processing IDEThis for stram G-
Code arduino6)
This is for G-
How does the code file of any picture assemble the machine?
I hope you \'ve seen the videos and images uploaded here so you know how to assemble the machine so I don\'t want to go into it, just wanted to highlight some key issues like installing the shaft tightly here, I used the DVD drive shutter to open the mechanism to pen up and down with the help of the servo motor, if you don\'t want to do too many complicated things, simply fasten the pen with the servo motor shaft, your purpose is to get the corresponding solvedDo assembly wired in the image, before powering the Assembly, be sure to cross check the power supply polarity once. Your machine is ready to give life to your machine. We need to program arduinoHere, so we need to add some libraries (AFMOTOR Library)
Download and upload this library to arduino IDE first to learn how to add library to watch video 4 upload this CNC code to Arduino successfully compile and upload your arduino programming section is now over to G-CODEG-
The code is the file format that your machine can understand and work on. Suppose you have to draw some text with the machine, so you need the Gcode text of it to G-
How the Code converts files in G-
Code watch video Number 3, but when you download Inkscape software from the web, there is no G-
Code save as option, so you need to add Library extension in inkscape for this download
Add this extension to the code unicorn extension for Inkscape1)
Decompress File 2)
Double click open folder 3)
Copy all subfolders and files 4)
Right-click the inkscape icon in TOP5)
Go to property 6)
Go open file location 7)
Open [share] folder5)
Open extension folder6)
All the files here in the past 7)
Arduino is ready, our machine is ready, our g-
The code can also be printed, so we need some to transfer g-
Arduino\'s code so here we have the code to handle the gtrl gctrl program download code from the link below to download the code loaded by the GCTRL gctrl code decompression folder to handle it, then press the new window of the play button to open the window, you can select your communication port Press \"G\" to open the browser, select your g-
Code file, upload the file as soon as it is uploaded. DrawingHere is some ready-made g-
Thanks for your attention, frienddsi hope I cover every bit of how to make a CNC machine. If you want to make this machine good luck, hope you can appreciate this frienddif you can contact me at any time, I will definitely help you to improve my level, if you have some new ideas to improve anything on this, you are welcome to share us.
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