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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-27
If everything goes as planned, then Evan Malone will print a robotic fish by the end of the year.
He specified, not build. Print.
Malone\'s dream is to press his own button.
3D printer designed-a computer-
A controlled syringe mounted on the moving head to make objects by precisely layering hardened tiny streams of plastic and metal-
A few days later, pull out a fully functional robot that will walk away when he throws it into the tank. In fact, 38-year-old post-
There is a PhD researcher at Cornell University.
Called Fab @ Home, his printing machine has been able to make a layer of plastic that makes up the hard body and fins of the fish, storing thin strips of conductive silver and metal
Polymer Composites as fish muscles-
Like the actuator, the battery is even assembled with zinc, manganese and potassium hydroxide injection.
All Malone himself has to do is to get the ink cartridges of raw materials into and out of the machine.
What is impressive is that Malone not only wants to print robots in his own lab-
He wants you to try too.
On his website, Fabathome.
Org, Malone shares all the specs of his 3D printer, detailed instructions on how to build and use a 3D printer, and free software links to design 3D objects.
Malone says the goal is for anyone to do anything at home.
\"It\'s a very powerful creative tool for people.
\"A lot of things that were previously only available in R & D labs can now be placed on your desktop,\" Malone said . \".
\"It means that you don\'t have enough capital to produce products if you have knowledge and imagination.
To see what is needed in the tool list, see \"eight tools for you to make anything \".
\"Malone\'s populist vision is slowly becoming a reality for manufacturing. Ultra-
Modern building tools such as 3D printers and computers
Controlled milling machines and high-speed water jet cutters that were previously available to only the largest companies have now become affordable for small shops and even individuals.
For example, in the case of 3D printing, long-
Control of the technology is slowly being broken.
In early history, companies including Stratysis, ZCorp and 3D Systems were able to control most of the intellectual property needed to build 3D printers.
These companies now sell systems at a typical cost of about $40,000 per unit.
But ZCorp\'s own vice president in charge of business development acknowledged that the prices of these machines could be much cheaper.
\"We can design a 3D printer that costs less than $500, but you won\'t have 500,000 consumers to buy it,\" he said . \".
\"So if there is no bigger market, the price will triple --
Quarter or nine-
Tenths do nothing but kill your company.
\"In fact, this price drop is what Malone is thinking.
By designing the 3D printer himself and will plan to open source, he said, anyone can copy it for about $3,000.
\"3D printing is on hold at this high price point,\" Malone said . \".
\"So I think, let\'s try to make it quick and push the basic form of it to the public\'s hackers and researchers to realize its real potential.
\"Other situations that are getting closer and closer
There is no such non-profit intention for tech DIY.
For example, Jorge Barrera, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is working with Atlanta
Online manufacturing market based on MFG.
Build an open
SOURCE milling machine--a computer-
Controlled drill bits that can cut everything from the steel plate to the tiny lines of the circuit board, accurate to within 10 microns.
By using an open design contributed by external volunteers, Barrera\'s milling machine should cost about $25,000, about half the price of industry leader Haas Automation equivalent machines, Barrera said. Another high-
The final equipment for this price reduction is industrial water jet cutting.
This technology uses an ultra-thin flow of water with granite grinding particles, pumped at twice or three times the speed, carved through wood, metal, or glass.
The current model is priced at $300,000. But Kent, Wash. -Headquartered in Omax
High, a leading manufacturer
End water cutters hinted that it was negotiating a new injection method with MIT professor Alex Slocum, which could drop the price below $50,000.
This is not a price tag for the hardware that ordinary garage enthusiasts can buy.
But John Cheung, chief technology officer at Omax, said about half of the company\'s customers are small businesses and more than a hundred are individual companies.
With the price of the water jet system plunging, that number will definitely rise, Zhang said.
At the same time, Evan Malone of Cornell University hopes that the decline in hardware prices will have a snowball effect, as more and more consumers are aware of these tools and the demand is very low. cost versions.
He said the end result could be as dramatic as the invention of a personal computer.
\"PC lets amateurs start writing their own games and Internet apps,\" Malone said . \".
\"When we apply this powerful technology to the hands of creative thinking, who knows what apps they will find?
To see what is needed in the tool list, see \"eight tools for you to make anything \".
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