How to maintain broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-29
First of all, in the use of broken aluminum doors and windows equipment, the action should be light when opening or closing, push and pull naturally, and do not push and pull the doors and windows very hard. This will not only take effort, but also will definitely reduce the service life of the doors and windows. Secondly, it is necessary to often use special cleaning doors and windows to clean doors and windows. This requires that the doors and windows are beautiful, and they will not be difficult to push and pull due to the accumulation of dust in the sliding groove. Also, pay attention when cleaning doors and windows. You should use a soft cloth with some neutral detergent to clean. Do not use some strong acid and alkaline detergents such as household soap or washing powder. The main reason is that aluminum alloy doors and windows contain metal elements, and strong acids and alkalis have a great corrosive effect on them. Will cause premature aging of doors and windows. In humid weather, you should use a dry rag to wipe the door and window damp area to ensure that the door and window chute is clean and dry. As the friction of the chute will increase for a long time, you can use less lubricant, such as: engine oil, Wax oil, etc., lubricate the slots of doors and windows and reduce their frictional resistance. Always check other parts of doors and windows, add lubricating oil regularly, and insist on being dry and clean. Always check the integration of door and window parts. If there is any looseness, it should be tightened in time. Sealing tops and glass glue seals play a key role in heat preservation and should be checked frequently. If there is any fall off, it should be repaired or replaced in time. An enterprise with professional loyalty and a sense of social responsibility should insist on operating with integrity. Even in the current career downturn, companies cannot reduce costs and obtain improper benefits by reducing product quality. Only by insisting on honesty, can a company win the market for a long time. In the context of shrinking market, fierce professional competition, and consumers returning to rationality, aluminum alloy door and window aluminium processing machine companies should also respond with more transparent and rational operating methods, and win consumption with honest attitude and professional services. The respect and recognition of the participants, this is the premise for the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment enterprise and the entire broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment industry to get out of the trough.
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