How to maintain aluminum alloy doors and windows for durability

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-11-01
The shutter punch manufacturer tells you: In order to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, this operating procedure must be strictly implemented during operation. 1. Preparations before starting:   1. Clean and maintain the machine. Before starting the machine, all moving parts and guide rail movement pairs must be cleaned and lubricated. After refueling, the car must be run for grinding;   2, the air source triplet status must be checked before the equipment is used. Whether it is normal, observe whether the lubricating oil in the lubricator is above the lowest oil supply standard line. If it is insufficient, replenish the 32# mechanical oil in time; clean up the accumulated water in the drain water filter, and the air source triplet should be every three Clean once a month, especially the water cup, filter element and other parts. Note: It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the triplet components with air pressure to avoid injury or damage to the equipment. The oil injection volume of the lubricator should be controlled at 1-2 drops per minute.   3. Check to add saw blade coolant or lubricating fluid. (Coolant type: ①. 5-7# oil + 70% kerosene blend. ②. Special metal cutting fluid. In order to ensure the normal use and cutting effect of the equipment, it is strictly forbidden to use clean water as the coolant.)    2. Operation and safety:   1 、 According to the profile wall thickness and the size of the end face, the saw head's working speed should be adjusted appropriately.  2. Choose the appropriate profile plane as the reference plane and stick it tightly to the work surface of the equipment.  3. The pressing of the profile must be accurate. In case of special shape profiles, the profile blanking tooling should be customized to assist the positioning of the profiles to ensure accurate blanking.  4. When changing the cutting angle of the machine head, you must first observe whether the saw blade interferes with the pressing device. After the angle is adjusted, the angle handle must be locked.   5. Adequate spray cooling must be performed during cutting.  6. u200bu200bIt is not advisable to keep the material head too small during the cutting process, so as not to fall into the saw cutting edge and damage the saw blade.   Three, safety regulations:   1. Operators must raise awareness of safety precautions, concentrate on operation, and strictly prohibit operation on the machine with gloves and other items.   2. During the operation of the equipment, the operator should always observe and measure the cutting noise, cooling effect, and cutting accuracy of the equipment. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with illness.   3. It is strictly forbidden to shut down the motor during the cutting process.   Four. Shutdown maintenance:    The equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained after shutdown. Wipe and clean up the coolant and aluminum chips. Cut off the power and drain the air, clean and oil the sliding friction parts.   Five. At the same time, the relevant provisions of the 'General Operating Rules for Aluminum Door and Window Processing Equipment' must be strictly implemented.
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