How to identify and buy the correct broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-31
Machinery is an experienced manufacturer of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment. In our supply experience, most people don't understand enough about broken bridge aluminum and non-broken bridge aluminum, which causes most people to be unclear about these products. But for residents, the effect of buying broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and non-broken bridge aluminum windows is actually very large. Generally speaking, broken bridge aluminum doors and ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows have the same materials and functions. The casement windows of broken bridge and non-broken bridge are made of aluminum alloy profile, which has very good sound insulation effect. The appearance of the two casement windows is the same, so it is necessary to distinguish whether they are internal structure sound insulation. As the name suggests, the aluminum casement window of the broken bridge is made of aluminum alloy on both sides, and the middle is connected by nylon heat insulation strips. The function of the insulation strip is to insulate heat, and at the same time can cut off the high heat conduction of aluminum, so it is usually called broken bridge. Broken bridge casement windows have a highly efficient thermal insulation function, keeping the family warm in winter and cool in summer. The non-broken aluminum alloy casement windows have no intermediate partitions. The whole is made of aluminum alloy, which has very strong thermal conductivity. Its thermal conductivity, heat insulation performance, safety and other shortcomings are not as good as broken bridges. The price of broken bridge aluminum casement windows is higher than that of non-broken bridges. Broken bridge aluminum casement windows have excellent air-tightness, water-tightness and thermal insulation performance. Use double-layer hollow tempered glass. Casement windows exhibit sound insulation, heat insulation, and heat preservation functions. Broken bridge aluminum casement windows can help families save heating and freezing costs, and the later benefits greatly exceed the initial investment. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly doors and windows are aluminum casement windows with broken bridges. Thanks to our qualified door and window aluminium processing machine, the current broken bridge aluminum doors and windows will be more intelligent, convenient, qualified and refined. For manufacturers, they can rest assured to choose our door and window equipment. 140
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