how to drill holes in pearls

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-04-15
Professional jewelers have professional level of Pearl drilling equipment.
But if you are a jeweler working in a home studio, it is very likely that you do not have the money and do not need an expensive Pearl drill.
You can drill pearls by hand without spending a lot of money.
The pearls hanging on pillars such as rings or earrings are half-drilled.
The pearls on the necklace go through the center.
Cut a small piano hinge with a saw. A 1-
The length of the inch can work well.
Cut the part so that one of the screw holes already stamped into the hinge flange is located in the middle of the part.
Place the masking tape strip on the inner surface of the two hinge flanges and poke a hole in the tape, where the holes on the hinge are covered.
Masking tape will protect the surface of the Pearl from damage or scratches.
Place the pearls between the two hinge flanges and hold them tightly against the pearls.
Make sure that the surface to be drilled is centered in the middle of a hole on the hinge flange.
Keep the hinge flange at the outside edge.
The pearls are not firmly fixed in place.
Take the needle like a welding pick--
Tools with wooden handles and pointed steel shafts--
Heat the tip with a torch until it emits orange-red.
Place the hot tip of the tool on the surface of the Pearl and reverse it back and forth.
This will form a small dimples on the surface of the Pearl.
When the drill bit starts to spin, the dimples give it something to catch.
Without this dimples, the drill bit slides over the surface of the Pearl and can damage it.
Lock the Pearl bit into the card plate of the soft shaft machine.
This machine is variable in speed and can use different bits.
Put on the dust cover.
Hold the pearl with a tight hinge
Lead the hand, place the tip of the drill bit on the depression created in step 4, and then start the drill bit.
Drill at a fairly high speed and drill a little out of the Pearl every few seconds so that the pearl dust can be released from the hole and the drill bit.
Drill through pearls.
Wrap the masking tape around the drill bit as a half markdrilled pearls.
Measure the total depth of the hole to be drilled upward from the tip of the drill bit, and place a masking tape around the shaft of the drill at this measurement.
When the edge of the tape is even with the surface of the Pearl, it will drill holes in the middle.
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