How to deal with the air source of door and window equipment besides the problem?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-12
The aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine manufacturer tells you: 1. The necessity of air source treatment for door and window equipment. The compressed air output from the air compressor contains a large amount of impurities such as moisture, oil and dust. If these impurities are not removed by appropriate methods, it will Cause great harm to the pneumatic system of door and window equipment.   Deteriorated lubricating oil (oil content) will deteriorate rubber, plastics, and sealing materials, block small holes, and cause malfunction and air leakage of door and window equipment components. Moisture and dust can also block the throttling orifice or filter; in cold areas, freezing of moisture can cause the pipeline to freeze or crack.   Due to poor air quality, the reliability and service life of the pneumatic system of door and window aluminium machine are greatly reduced, and the losses caused by this often greatly exceed the cost and maintenance cost of the air source treatment device.  Air source impurity source:   1. Impurities inhaled from outside the system through an air compressor, etc. Such as dust and humidity in the atmosphere.  2. Impurities generated inside the system. For example, the condensate generated by air being compressed and cooled; the sludge generated by the deterioration of compressor oil at high temperature; the rust generated inside the pipeline; the metal powder generated by the wear of the relative moving parts; the powder of the sealing filter material, etc.   3. Impurities generated during system installation and maintenance. Such as thread swarf, burr, yarn end, welding oxide skin, casting sand, and sealing material fragments that have not been removed during installation and maintenance.  Second, the principle of gas source pipeline layout  There is only one pressure, and only one kind of pipeline gas supply system needs to be designed.   When there are multiple pressure air supply requirements, the pipeline air supply system should be designed according to the highest air supply pressure. A low-pressure pneumatic device is required, which can be obtained by using a pressure reducing valve to reduce the pressure.   The design and installation of the gas source pipeline should also consider the reliability and economy of the gas supply. 2. Precautions for the arrangement of gas source pipelines 1. The gas supply pipelines of door and window equipment should be arranged according to the actual situation on the spot, and try to be arranged in a unified and coordinated manner with other pipelines (such as water pipes, gas pipes, heating pipes, etc.), wires, etc.    2. In the gas workshop, according to the air quality requirements of the pneumatic device, air distribution containers, shut-off valves, pneumatic triple pieces, etc. should be set up.   3. It is also convenient for maintenance. The pipe length is more than 5m, and the downward slope of the pipe along the airflow direction is 1%-3%. In order to avoid the deflection of the long pipe, brackets should be installed at appropriate places (see Table 4-2). The pipe support must not be Pipe welding.   4. The branch pipes that are connected along the wall or column must be turned down at a large angle on the upper part of the main pipe. The branch pipe is connected to a gas source distributor along the wall or column about 1.2-1.5mm from the ground. And connect branch pipes or pipe joints on both sides of the distributor, so as to use hoses to connect to the pneumatic device. At the lowest point of the main pipe and branch pipe, set a water collection tank, and set a drain under the water collection to discharge sewage. 5. In order to facilitate adjustment, non-stop air maintenance and replacement of components, a necessary bypass circuit and shut-off valve should be provided.    6. Before the pipe head is assembled, the pipes, joints and flow passages in the components must be cleaned without burrs or iron. Foreign matter such as chips and oxide scale.    7. When using steel pipes, be sure to choose galvanized pipes with galvanized surface.
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